Sentosa has become a fantastic destination for young and old in the last five years and there are lots of quirky adventures to be had for the young ones to keep them occupied and entertained.

One of our favourites – and this is an inexpensive adventure – is to drive to Vivo City (park on the 3rd floor) or catch a taxi, train or bus and head to the 3rd floor monorail station, and catch the monorail to the last stop at Siloso Beach. Most kids will love the monorail, and as it takes up to 30 minutes there and back, alone it’s a great adventure for the really little kids. The monorail does get busy though, and it can be a bit overwhelming during peak times – weekends and public holidays – as huge crowds pack on board, but most get off at the first stop, Resort World. If you’ve got a severely shy child or one who hates huge crowds, it can be a bit too much – you have been warned. Once you hit the last station on the track, head out of the station to the right and wander to Siloso Beach. While it’s not a kiddie entertainment area, there is a lot you can do.

One great option – if you’re hungry – is head to Coastes Cafe, a place that does yummy pancakes and Eggs Benedict, as well as great coffee. If your kids are the type to stay close, you can hire a sun bed at Coastes or the other cafes on this beach, and the kids can go for a swim in the ocean or just play on the beach. If they’re the sort that loves playing in the sand, make sure you pack buckets and spades. Siloso Beach, with the cafes along the shore, is really lovely these days and it feels like a bit of a holiday paradise escape – so it’s a great place for the soul. Some parents won’t be keen for their kids to swim in the ocean in Singapore, but we think its fine.

If sitting still and chilling is not your kids’ cup of tea (which is the case for us), you can stop for a quick treat at New Zealand Ice creamery and then explore the beach. We don’t tend to hang around anywhere for very long, as our kids aren’t the sort to sit still, so we walk along the beach until they get bored – in the direction of Rasa Sentosa. There are lots of little beach alcoves, with fish and crabs for the kids to enjoy, as well as rocks to climb over, so you can definitely have some fun walking along here if your kids are natural explorers. There is also a life guard station, so swimming is safe.

Once beach time is done, we always walk back towards the monorail station, but head left up the walk-way (big steps, just near iFly), and at the top is a magnificently colourful water feature that goes up a hill to the Merlion monorail station – it’s a “Gaudi-esque” type of feature. The signs say not to go in the water, but there are no restrictions on climbing. If you have climbers, it’s quite a long and sweaty activity for them – and for the parents too – as you help them balance along the way. There’s a part in the middle where they can go under a tunnel, and even though it’s not technically “allowed,” it’s quite a mystery wonderland for the wee ones. There are also lots of water spouts that go off randomly, which can be quite entertaining as your kids get squirted in the face. We find the indignation amusing…

Once you’ve navigated the slippery tiles and hopefully the kids are still dry, head up around the Merlion, which has a lovely waterfall feature, and walk to the monorail station. The children should be sufficiently exhausted by this point, and a final ride on the monorail seems to set them up for a peaceful journey home.

If you want to have lunch or dinner before heading home, the food court (Food Republic) on the third floor of Vivo City is really well done in a traditional Singapore-Hawker style, and while it’s pretty much Asian food only, if your kids are happy with some rice and roti, it’s a great place to stop for a finale. Definitely lots of sights, smells and sounds, but again, very busy on public holidays and during the weekends.

This activity should kill a morning or afternoon, but could be extended to a full day and is definitely a nice weather activity.



For this adventure, make sure you come prepared. You’ll need bathing suits, sun block, hats, and spare clothes. Healthy food options are available, but if you want to save some coins, pack lunch and snacks too.