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Great World City is a destination most expats experience at some point in Singapore, mainly due to the serviced apartment complex attached. It’s also a great place to go shopping – in fact; it was my first shopping locale when arriving in Singapore in 2003. We stayed at the serviced apartments for nine days in 2009, and it was hell, mainly because there just weren’t enough activities for our wee lads. Things have changed, and one of Singapore’s newest indoor playrooms is open – welcome to Amazonia. We checked it out recently, because everyone has been raving about it, and there are pluses and minuses.

It’s a wonderful, large facility, full of fluorescent dinosaurs, a play area that goes miles up into the sky, fantastic slides, great coffee and a decent cafe area for Mum and Dad. It’s a nice addition to Singapore’s plethora of indoor playrooms and we’ll definitely head back there again. BUT we will not go often.

Believe me when I say this – I’m not the sort of person to moan about how expensive things are in Singapore, or anywhere for that matter, but I have to say, Amazonia is expensive for an indoor kid’s playroom. It costs $20/child 3 months-3 years or $30 for 3-12 year olds for the first two hours. So before we even walk in the door, we’re up for $60! But the costs don’t stop there. In addition to the entry fee, there is a mini-golf course, which costs $18 for 9 holes or $30 for 18 holes (adults) and $15 for 9 holes or $22 for 18 holes (kids) five and above. But that’s not all – for five minutes, it will cost $5/child to have a go in the Spaceball room. That’s not taking into account any cafe expenditure, or purchases in the gift shop, which is extensive and positioned for little eyes to survey and drool over. It just felt a bit greedy for me you know?

But I need to be fair, because it is a beautifully laid out kids playroom, everything is in brilliant condition, the food is very good (we actually stayed for dinner) and I know the boys will be very glad to go back there in a heartbeat. People spend a lot of money on kids entertainment round these parts, so I hope this business model works out for the owners, but it won’t be one of our regular indoor playrooms during the rainy season – something we can do up to 2-3 times a week when the weather is bad. Also, if you sign up for membership it brings the cost down a little, but $468 for VIP membership? Not likely.

Great World City is a perfect kid’s entertainment area for many reasons, including the Golden Village Cinema – the first place we experienced Gold Class when launched a few years back – a happy day. Apart from the movies, throughout Great World there are all sorts of rides for the little’ies, but check out the ones on the second floor near Molecule (great shop) –  they are the most extreme kids’ rides I’ve seen and, as such, my boys love them. On the 3rd floor, where most of the kids stuff is, there’s also Timezone if you want to capture a little bit of the magic of your teenage years – well for us older parents anyway. My boys are getting good at air hockey, motorbikes and soon, racing cars – they just need to grow longer legs.

But it’s a great option for a day out, especially if it’s steaming hot outside or one of those rainy days. There’s also lots of eating options, so you can go healthy or not so healthy – the options are endless.