Every year, Tanglin Mall hosts a Christmas activity for the kids and we took the boys on its final night last week. This year it was snow… well at least a lot of foam flying around in the air. To start with, it was a disaster. Jax was beside himself and Lex didn’t like the way the foam felt on his body – so we figured we wouldn’t be there for long.

But the majority of kids got stuck straight into it, and had an absolute blast. It kicked off at 7.30 and was all over by 8.15, and in true Singapore-style, the foam was cleaned up within moments – you couldn’t see a single piece of foamy evidence. Thankfully, our boys warmed up to the activity, realizing that if they picked up big handfuls of foam and held it over the air jets, it was pretty cool to watch it fly away. So my tip – persist if you can.

There were also taps near the site, so you could wash the foam off, and many of the kids turned up in swimsuits or with a change of clothes. Apparently it makes you quite itchy, so if you are immersed, good to be prepared with a change of clothes. I didn’t get immersed. Hey why would I when other’s are willing?

We’ll be sure to remind you when this activity kicks off again at the end of the year.