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If you’ve got a couple of hours to kill on a steaming hot or rainy morning – but only on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 10-12amGIM Sports, at Turf Club City is an option. It’s $10/child and as there is no structure to the class, you can’t drop and run – parents must hang around. I took the boys recently, and for my loves two hours was pushing it, but they found their fun within the mix.

As always, my lads checked it all out and then started looking for trouble – a sure sign it’s time to go. But they did enjoy it and my only wish – it would be great if they had just a little bit of structure. Perhaps the instructors could teach the kids how to use some of the more complex equipment? But the staff was there to supervise and make sure no one was getting in any trouble, and while they were absolutely lovely, I am not sure it’s the best option for my boys. Although I’m sure if they were there with friends, it would have been very different?

However for the real little’ies (under four) it’s perfect. Think of it as a BIG soft playroom where they can’t get into too much trouble. I also think the girls seemed to enjoy it more than the slightly older boys. Most of the active boys spent their time running up and down the long bouncy “run-way” – no idea what that is called in gymnastic speak – see pictured.

Another great aspect to this – if you want to expose your kids to gymnastics before making the decision to invest in a long-term program, this is definitely a great option. 

It’s an inexpensive, indoor activity, and if you gather a group of friends together, it would certainly be a nice way to spend a couple of hours with young kids. If you’re desperate for coffee, duck upstairs to Fidgets as they do take-aways.

I’ll probably give it another go.