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The Climbing PotentialOn the weekend, a Singaporean Dad I met at a playground suggested we try out Woodlands Waterpark – “watching how much your boys love to climb, they will love it.” And he was absolutely right. This park is a beacon for climbers and it’s a place I’m very happy to recommend. I mean just check out these photos with the five towers! The boys were up and gone within seconds, exploring a new world from heady heights.

That's Malaysia over thereBut there’s much more to this park than the climbing potential. There’s exercise equipment for Mum and Dad if you want to get in a bit of work while the kids play, great options for smaller kids not ready for heights, bike/roller blade/scooter paths heading off in every direction AND a huge jetty where you can take the kids fishing – be warned, no live bait allowed.

As it’s coastal, there’s a lovely breeze, and JB is so close, you feel like you can reach out and touch it. I know a lot of people don’t really pay attention to this, but coming from a big island like Australia, seeing another country across the water continues to be a wonder for me.  

It’s also a really local park, and as such, everyone was so friendly. There were not many Caucasians around, something we love, and the CNY spirit was definitely in full flight as everyone was out enjoying time with family and friends. This is the sort of place to suit any age, as there really is a lot to do. They’ve done a great job putting this park together.

My only criticism is it’s HOT! There’s very little shade anywhere, and after a couple of hours in the sun I felt like I was melting. So come prepared with hats, sun block, long sleeved shirts, etc… I also didn’t see any shops nearby, so lots of water and snacks as well. Better yet, come equipped for a picnic – it would be perfect for that sort of gathering.

The toilets were clean and well kept, and if you’re a dog owner, they’re welcome too.

A brand new adventure option on our list in Singapore!