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We plan to include lots of valuable information on this blog for young families in Singapore, and one additional area we’ve decided to cover is kids’ birthday party venues. In Singapore, kids’ birthdays are serious business, but sometimes it feels like you’re going to the same venue all the time and some just aren’t that great.

We attended a friends’ birthday party last year at Shaws Little League and we were so impressed, we arranged our son’s 5th birthday party there. Since then, we’ve also enrolled the boys to attend every week, because we think they’re awesome – we are definitely converts. Shaws Little League parties are high energy fun for the kids, and while they’ll probably come out filthy and exhausted, you can definitely expect them to love it – especially if they’re kids that love sport.

Age-wise I’ve noticed the little kids find it a bit intimidating, but from four up, it’s a great choice.  It’s one of those places where the first time it’s a bit chaotic, but after that, the kids understand what it’s all about and get stuck into it.

The birthday party routine is you arrive, and then for the next hour and a half, up to four staff take the kids through a series of activities, and you choose the sports. They do everything, including soccer, rugby, volleyball, and even tug-of-war. Cost-wise, I think it’s good value considering what you get. They price the two hour programme from $600 for up to 20 children (excluding food), with additional children charged at $30 per child. If any of the kids are enrolled with Shaws, there are special rates for them.

The staff are AMAZING – fun, energetic, sporty, friendly people who really know how to get kids involved, and they manage every aspect – making sure the kids drink enough water, cutting up and serving your birthday cake, setting the tables, managing the kids from one activity to the next, etc… Essentially it’s all taken care of and it’s a very easy venue to run a kids party. But it’s not a pristine environment, so if you like your kids clean, probably not the best choice for you. Also if your little love is shy, be on time. It can be intimidating for them walking into the Cage when it’s in full swing. We were late first time with Lex and it wasn’t ideal for him.

According to the Website, included in the birthday party package is:

  • Invitation cards
  • Use of the venue for two hours
  • Juice and water
  • A large cooler box, chill bin or eski (whatever you want to call it) with ice – and trust us, if you want to stock it with wine and beers, there’s plenty of space
  • Kids chairs and tables
  • Food serving tables
  • Plates, cups, napkins, wetwipes and cutlery, and
  • A lighter

So all you need to bring is the food, a birthday cake and a knife to cut it. Also kids need to wear comfortable clothes and running shoes. Pretty birthday party dresses are definitely not advised as all of the kids tend to come out black!

But Shaws can also arrange the food if you want. We ordered Sarpinos home delivery – which is about as good as it gets for pizza delivery in Singapore.

We thought it was great, and so did the other parents who attended – especially because it gave the adults a chance to chat and enjoy a drink together while they kids were being entertained. Also, since our son’s b’day, two more birthday parties have been booked through his class – so it really was a hit.

Address and contact details

Shaws Little League @ The Cage 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal (Near Kallang Leisure Park, close to Tanjong Rhu) Singapore 399635 Tel: 6440 9545 or 8511 2235 email: fun@shawslittleleague.com

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan.



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