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I know, I know – a shopping centre? How can this be on a kids adventure list you might ask? Let me explain. My husband is an engineering type and one of his customers was involved in the construction of the outdoor water playground at IMM. What? There’s a water park in a shopping centre? What a great idea – let’s go. And so we did, and we’ll go again and again.

One of the things I LOVE about Singapore is the phenomenal kids’ activities within shopping centres – this is not the norm world-wide. Let me be clear. I am not a woman who loves shopping, but I am a woman who gets rather bored with playgrounds. Therefore, the idea of bringing the two together really appeals to me, because it gives me a small window to do a bit of shopping, but it’s also a wonderful people watching opportunity – you just don’t get the number or diversity of people in a playground.

So head on out to IMMand go straight to the third floor where you’ll find the kids’ outdoor entertainment area – but expect to be distracted along the way. There are loads of kids’ toys, clothes and shoe shops, as well as indoor games arcades, and there are some other indoor arts activities and rides for the little ones. It is definitely a shopping centre with the whole family in mind.

The 3rd floor outdoor area includes a pretty good dry playground, and a sizeable water park. Kids from toddlers to teens run around in the water, and all of them have great big smiles on their faces. But there’s more. Just checking the Website now and the tree house is open – presented as “the first 7-metre tall tree house playground” – I know we’ll have to go again because my boys have been desperate to check that out. It has been a tantalising yet closed beacon off in the distance on previous visits!

Another bonus about IMM is outlet stores. Who doesn’t enjoy a bargain? Once you’ve exhausted your kids on the roof, or while they’re being supervised and you are free to poke around the shops, the outlet stores include:

There’s plenty more shops to enjoy, a plethora of restaurants and snack options, and if shopping is your thing, here’s the linkto the store directory. You’ll also notice a focus on interior design, furniture and of course, bridal shops. It’s a diverse collection that’s for sure. If you’re after something healthy, there’s a juice bar on the ground floor.

All you need to take is swimming suits for the kids, a towel, some sun block (the water park isn’t covered) and you’re ready to go. It gets busy though, so be early. 

Here’s the map with directions.

See you there.