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Vivo City is not only a shopping centre hosting one of my favourite bookshops (PageOne, which has closed down apparently L) it also has a plethora of adventure opportunities for young kids, especially if you want to escape the heat. Not so great an option if it’s raining, but you can get by if you don’t mind getting a little bit wet. Since the Central Line of the SMRT opened last year, this Vivo adventure can start off with a train ride from whatever station is closest to where you live all the way to HarbourFront. We’re a five minute drive from Holland Village at the moment, so we always jump on the train there.

The train drops you in the basement of Vivo City, below Golden Village Cinemas – so going to the movies is your first option. My first priority, however, is always action, and we head to the 2nd level outdoor playground – and this is where you’ll get wet if it’s raining. On this level, you’ll find a good outdoor playground and a tiny water park (so take a change of clothes or swimming costumes if your youngsters like to get wet) BUT the main attraction for my boys is the cars and motorbikes for hire. They also have horses, which a lot of kids enjoy. While not cheap – $5 for five minutes – I can usually kick back and relax for a good 20-30 minutes while my boys drive around in circles. They love it. You can also grab a coffee in Starbucks, all the while keeping an eye on your little loves.

Vivo City is FULL of eating options, including two great food courts, and practically any eating desire you have can be met – so finding a suitable place during mealtimes has a very good chance of success. If your kids need to move more, heading out to the waterfront for a run is another good energy using option. Alternatively, you can bring a little picnic and check out the cruise ships in dock, or take in the activity on the water. It’s pretty interesting.

Naturally, Vivo City is a shopping hub, and in it you will find a very large “Toys R Us” – a place we are required by ‘child law’ to visit, especially if the boys have been good. Every possible shop you need to dress or accessorize your child is in Vivo (check out the 25 shops for children), so just shopping can fill a lot of time. Don’t forget to visit the National Geographic Store – where the photos and videos will capture your child’s imagination, as well as the toys of course. But I think it’s a great organisation to support if you’re so inclined.

There is usually something on in the central portion of Vivo City to see, along with more rides for kids out the front (very large mobile animals) and another water feature they can run around in. Depending on the time of year, there are always activities at Vivo City, so check out the calendar if you want to know what’s on and when before you go.

There are other adventures you can do at Vivo City, but as a starting point, doing all of these activities will fill at least half a day (if not a whole day) and make your children very happy indeed. However it’s not a cheap trip, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive day out, this probably isn’t a good option. You can do it cheap, but it is VERY VERY hard.

Once you’re done, jump on a train for the final leg of your adventure. Enjoy.



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