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Last weekend we held our son’s 4th birthday party at Lilliput @Big Splash on the East Coast, and I have to say, it was a fabulous place to hold a kids birthday party. It was incredibly easy to organise, we were able to order the food and drinks through Lilliput OR bring our own (we went for the latter option and very much appreciate when it’s offered), and they make it as easy as possible for you to just turn up and have fun.

The activity is great for everyone, and if you’ve been struggling to get Dad to attend a kids birthday party, I can assure you a spot of golf with their child is definitely more appealing than most party options on offer. The actual mini-golf (in our case) was pretty chaotic, but it didn’t matter because the kids had a blast. It’s also a really cute course, featuring all of the wonderful sites you see in Singapore – so definitely an activity we will do with our boys outside the party circuit. By the way, if you’ve had bad experiences with mini-golf in other parts of the world – as Steve has had at both Brighton and Eastbourne (in the UK) – he assures me this is very different. I always had great mini-golf experiences in Australia, so never had any reservations about giving it a go.

As part of the birthday package you have staff to conduct the party (our two girls were gorgeous), they supply invites, goodie bags, and a birthday present for your little darling, you get a one and a half hour time slot (with 30 minutes at the end to sort yourself out), and they set up and then (more importantly) clean up the party area – so it’s just a case of show up. The party area is not in a private room, but as it’s off to one side from the main area, it works out well. Also if it’s not busy, you pretty much get the whole place to yourself. Overall, I just found nothing too much for the staff – they were flexible, everyone was lovely, and they definitely went above and beyond for me and my family.

Cost for the birthday party is $300 for 15 kids on a weekday and $420 on a weekend. Additional kids are $12/head or $15/head for students, plus there are some other minor expenses – like extra goodie bags if you have more than 15 kids. Even though we had it on a weekend, we found it great value for Singapore and on par (if not better) than many of the more expensive options we’ve attended.

So Lilliput gets a big thumbs up from us as a birthday party venue for kids under 10 in Singapore.

On another note, we had a fabulous birthday cake made for the party. Jax requested a “dragon cake” and I looked high and low for a cake maker who could meet his demands. Then a friend suggested Anita, a lovely lady who makes sensational cakes, and this is the dragon she made. If you are looking for a birthday cake (or any cakes for that matter) check out Anita’s Facebook page “Little Miss Muffetfor more details.

Happy party planning, although I’m always amazed at how exhausting kids’ parties can be! I’ll keep doing them though…



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