Hey, just a quickie on Kidz at Play if you’re planning on going tomorrow – the last day. I have to say, as a parent and probably a jaded adult, it wasn’t as promising as the Website indicated, BUT more importantly, the boys loved it. We ended up spending nearly four hours there, so it can’t have been too bad?

Some lessons learned – don’t waste money on buying adult tickets – only the kids need them for the rides. And don’t bother packing your swim suits – they’ve closed down the water park for the festivities, which was a shame. We also had a storm come in, which meant all the rides on the ground floor stopped, as well as a couple of electricity outages, including the “climbing wall” collapsing with a kid onboard. No drama though, the inflatable’s come down pretty slowly. The lines were long on some activities, and a 30 minute wait got a bit much sometimes, plus it was very very hot, however it never felt too busy or crowded. There’s also some decent looking food available and plenty of cold drinks on offer.

Jax wasn't so keen...Kids under seven are sure to love it, but older than that, I’m not too sure. Anyone experience it with older kids?

Suffice to say, I didn’t love it, but my boys did, so let us know if you go?

More photos below to give you an idea of what you will be in for…