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We took our son Tom (9) to a friend’s birthday and a great day was had by all. There are various ways of doing this adventure, and in our case, we went with the birthday boy and their friends. However, this blog should give you some feedback on going alone or with a group. 

Firstly (and this bit is quite important) it did prove a little tricky to find as 4876 Beach Road, the address given, is not actually the correct address. You need to go to the end of Beach Road until you reach Crawford Road, take a left, stay on the right and U Turn… look for a sign on the left that says Water Venture and get out there (you are now on foot) BUT… don’t follow the sign to Water-Venture and don’t go over the bridge opposite. Instead go right and 200 meters ahead you will see the large bridge over the road and water. Head there and you are in… Phew!

You’ve made it ….So now you are here the staff are quite helpful, and as I said they do group bookings, but you can turn up with the kids and have a go at kayaking. Just double check the rules as it seems the kids have to be 10 years of age and must be accompanied by an adult.

Kids can have fun on the water, there was a nice breeze, they sell cold drinks and there is a place to have a picnic. There are toilets, changing facilities and lockers too. Also don’t forget to come prepared for the sun. 

Please see the Water Venture website for more details on what you can do. All in all, a great morning or afternoon out with kids closer to 10, and most importantly, inexpensive. 


David, Debbie and Tom (9) Russell