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When Kallang Leisure Park reopened in 2006 (I think) the Tanjong Rhu Road residents rejoiced (which was us at the time) because we finally had shops, restaurants and entertainment options just down the road. Still going strong and more popular than ever, it’s a weird and wacky kind of place, which has never really come together in my mind, but it remains a great rainy day (or steamy day) adventure option for kids, young and old. Even better, the Stadium MRT station has opened up right outside, so it’s now more accessible for everyone. Parking is also cheap and plentiful if you drive.

Featuring Singapore’s largest ice-skating rink – Kallang Ice World – it also has ten pin bowling at Kallang Bowl, enjoy a movie at the Filmgarde complex (no gold class alas), a huge K Box Family karaoke venue, Virtualand on the top floor if you enjoy some good old pinball parlour fun (which I do), there’s the indoor playroom “Peek a Boo on the 2nd floor as well, and there’s plenty of $1 rides for the kids in the basement and on the 1st floor. You will definitely find something to do with your kids.

Celebrated as Singapore’s premiere family entertainment destination, there is always something going on in the central area of the mall as well – not always great for kids, but every now and again, terrific for kids. For example, we turned up once to a Toys R Us clearance sale – suffice to say, the boys were rather pleased. There’s also the Mega Discount Store – a great cheap electronics store, with amazing deals on TVs, fridges, etc… but it’s also a magnet because it’s always playing kids’ movies. They don’t seem to mind marauding kids either.

There really is so much to do and we often spend time letting the boys run up and down the long open space – especially on the upper floors – when they need to use up some excess energy. We also enjoy Virtualand, because it has air hockey (for kids and adults), motorbikes and car racing games, as well as basketball hoops. There’s a lot more, but I tend to steer the boys away from anything to do with guns. Plenty of time for that later.

There are multitudes of eating options as well, with the important Starbucks and Coffee Bean available for a caffeine fix. However a healthy option for the kids is Yoguru – a frozen yoghurt stall, which is always on our agenda at Kallang. There’s a food court, a great doughnut shop, and a lot more. So if shopping, eating, movies, playing, running or walking is your thing, this is a great place to take the family for an adventure.

You can do your groceries in the basement, head to Guardian or buy some wine, there’s some pampering options, sports stores, plenty of fashion stores, a winter clothing store AND a British India Outlet. I actually think the mall would be fantastict if it became an Outlet Mall completely – but that’s another story.

Keep your eyes peeled for activities at Kallang, because they often use the car park for car shows and more, so you never know what you’ll get when you go.

Definitely a great option for everyone.