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Marina Bay Sands is a magnificent place and deserves its iconic architectural status in the world BUT it’s also a fantastic place to take young kids for adventures – inexpensive or expensive depending on you, as it’s also a shopping paradise. The best thing about it is SPACE – lots and lots of it, indoor and outdoor, so by the time you’re done, everyone should be exhausted. I’ve taken my boys there are few times in recent months and we always enjoy it, but here’s a few ideas to make it special.

You can obviously catch a train or a taxi to MBS, but if you drive, park at the open air car park on Marina Boulevard and from there, walk along the river. This gives you lots of opportunities to explore the cool art currently on show, gaze at the magnificent city skyline, watch the activity on the water when there is some, and just give your kids space to run. You then get to MBS and if you want to use some energy up quickly, make the kids walk the entire length of the shopping area. If you arrive early enough, most of the shops will be closed, and there aren’t too many people around, so it’s a good activity with a high chance of success that you won’t annoy anyone. It’s also a very long way from one end to the other.

At the opposite end of MBS there are two kids’ adventure opportunities. One is the “ice” skating rink next to the food court – cost $9/head. When I say ice, it’s slippery plastic, but the kids love it never-the-less. I was able to get Lex on the rink, but not Jax, as the minimum age is six. A bit annoying I have to say, but there you go. If you and your kids want to give it a go, it’s a great place to do it without getting cold and wet. I know we have a new love in our house for ice skating…

On the floor above the ice skating rink, there is an indoor kid’s playground – Jumperzillas– but I have to tell you something. I took my boys there, lookied inside at the very small playroom and thought no way for my lads. Kids under three great. kids over three who are into TV and video games, great. Action kids who want to move constantly – not great. It definitely wasn’t for us, but I’m sure many kids will love it. Cost is $20/kid for two hours play.

Once we were finished at that end of Marina Bay Sands, including lunch in the awesome food court, where every nationality is covered, we headed back to the middle for a bit of a “gondolier” experience (actually a Sampan ride) for the lads – cost is $10/head. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse and have avoided the boat every time, but I can usually coax someone else into it while I enjoy a rare and peaceful coffee at Coffee Bean’s bistro – a nice spot for taking photos of your little loves as well. Above this is a huge glass dome, and after the boat ride, head upstairs and outside, where you can roll coins down the dome. Hey the kids love it.

If you want to continue your adventure, head back into MBS and take the walkways underneath or above the road, and head over to the MBS Hotel. Naturally you can go up to the Skypark ($19/head adults and $13/head kids 2-12), which definitely provides a magnificent view of Singapore and the ocean, but I prefer this view over a cocktail when the kids are in bed. It’s an option though, but I haven’t taken the boys up there yet. Walking around the hotel foyer is usually good enough, because there is the most eclectic mix of people I think I’ve ever seen and there’s regular entertainment, so it’s a great place to wander. The architecture and artwork is also stunning.

By this point, if you haven’t had enough I’ll be surprised. We always leave heading back out to the waterfront, and walk back along this wide open space, where there’s also lots of water features to capture young imaginations. It always full of people wandering around, so it’s just one of those places that’s full of life, which makes it a great spot to take your little loves – in my mind.

Another option is to catch a matinee at the theatre and while I’m not sure how age appropriate it is, I’d take my boys to see Wickedif I knew they’d sit still for the duration. Friends have taken kids in the 7+ range, so this is an option too.

I always enjoy taking the boys to Marina Bay Sands – because I get to gaze at the beautiful high class brands and I love people watching. However the boys really enjoy it too – even though we’re not actually doing much – somehow it’s just a great place to be and it’s always a good day out – whatever you decide to do.

I’ve always done this as a morning adventure, but one day soon I will need to take the boys at night for the light show – but I know that will be a different adventure again…