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How could I do a kids adventure blog for Singapore without mentioning the Singapore Zoo? It’s a fabulous Zoo, and as this week is officially the last week of holidays, at least for Lex, I decided it was time to go again. They absolutely love it and it deserves its accolades from around the world. It is full of amazing animals from all over the world, it honours nature and preserving our world for future generations, and it’s designed beautifully, giving everyone plenty of opportunity to interact up close with the animals.

But it’s more than just a zoo. There is a children’s wonderland within (Rainforest Kidzworld), and since the boat ride opened up last year, you can just head here for a day of fun activities – something that will cost about the same as an indoor kids playroom. One of the big features of Kidzworld is the water park, and unfortunately for my boys, we’ve been to the zoo three times together in the last 12 months and every time the water park has been closed. Twice it closed because of storms and this week it was closed due to construction.

It doesn’t seem to matter though, because there is so much more to do and you never ever get to do it all – no matter how hard you try. Also, and I only discovered it this time – because it wasn’t raining – but behind the water park is a big adventure playground, with flying foxes and all sorts of adventurous activities – the likes of which you won’t find in many other places around Singapore. There is also a horse and carriage ride, you can feed the goats or ride a pony, take a whirl on the magnificent carousel, and much much more. Beware the exit through the gift shop however, if you want to get out of there alive – RUN!!

If you can manage it, try and get a few of the shows in. We caught the tail end of the elephant show – so the boys got to touch one of their trunks and I got sprayed with water. Then we watched the saving the rainforest show – which had animals running around all over the place – magical. And if you can spare $5 – feed the giraffes – my what tongues they have. The boys were very brave coming face-to-face with these beautiful creatures.

The Zoo is definitely not a cheap day out, and it adds up with $5 for this, $4 for that, but it’s well worthwhile. With that said, at $20 adult and $13/child (3-12) – it’s not too bad really, remembering it costs extra to ride the tram or the boat. If you’re visiting Singapore, it is definitely worth buying the packages, including the other attractions, and make sure you book the Night Safari – it’s brilliant. For those of us living in Singapore, I recommend signing up to become Friend’s of the Zoo – something we’ve been meaning to do – because that is the best value of all and you’re supporting some amazing work too.

Things to take to the zoO

  • If you don’t want your kids to eat KFC or other junk food, or if you want to save a little bit of money, pack your own lunch. Ben & Jerry’s is also a big feature at the Zoo – it seems to be everywhere around Singapore these days
  • Take lots of sun block and hats for everyone, because it gets very hot and sweaty. Long sleeve shirts are also good
  • Mosquito repellent as well, especially if it’s been raining a lot or if you’re there early in the morning or later in the day. Mosquito patches too
  • Make sure you pack swimming suits and a towel if you get lucky and the water park is open!
  • Also water, lots and lots of water, although it’s easily bought too
  • If it rains, don’t worry – throughout the park they sell rain coats, so you’ll be sorted. They are prepared for every eventuality at the Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is definitely a GREAT day out for everyone. I am still mesmerized by the beautiful animals in our world, and the boys always have such an amazing time at the zoo. I just think that it has been designed with the pleasure of children and adults in mind, and that makes it a very rare zoo indeed.



PS: as long as it’s not pouring with rain, don’t let the threat of rain stop you. If anything, when there is rain around, the day is a lot cooler and that’s a good thing in hot and sweaty Singapore!!