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A week ago I took the boys on a new Sentosa/Vivo City adventure, and even though they were desperate to return to their usual haunts, they’re finally at an age that where ever Mum goes, they go too – hooray! So to kick off our new adventure, we headed out to the water front of Vivo City, walking along to the left and we walked out across Sentosa Boardwalk – the first time we’ve done it.

It’s a stunning boardwalk, beautifully designed, and it’s completely shaded for those not keen on the sun. Actually if you’re not keen to walk, there are travellators too – very civilized. You can even take a break at the cafes along the boardwalk, although they weren’t open when we went earlier in the morning. I’ve heard it’s lovely in the evening.

We arrived at Sentosa Gateway, which costs $1 each to enter (toilets are around behind the ticket counter if needed), and then followed the path to the right walking around the plaza at Resorts World. There are lots of twisting paths, waterways, hotels, shops, restaurants and other things to see and climb, plus you can go underground for more (follow the signs to the Casino) but there’s plenty above ground for young ones keen on exploring the world. Also if you want to wear them out, you can get them to run up and down the stairs a few times J.

I think it’s important to warn you in advance on something about this adventure – it’s impossible to get past the lollipop collection outside Candylicious. The good news is it’s cool inside, AND there are small lollipop options for purchase, so you don’t have to buy a massive sugar treat if you prefer not to. Candylicious is a nothing short of paradise for kids, so load them up with a small shopping trolley and they’ll be entertained wandering around a true kiddie heaven. Once you manage to escape sugarlicious, you can keep wandering around the plaza, stop for a meal at a huge selection of eateries in the plaza (as well as down below), and the kids can run through some of the water features.

Once this section of the adventure is done, walk over to Waterfront Monorail station for a free ride back to Sentosa. One thing for sure, you can certainly kill a lot of time on Sentosa, and you don’t even need to go into Universal Studios – something we haven’t done yet, but another adventure we must do soon.

Once back at Vivo, stay on the Monorail level (3rd floor) and walk outside to a HUGE water park for the kids to run around in – this is The Skypark. Some friends have been pretty amazed that we hadn’t discovered this until recently, but the truth is, we’ve never been able to get the kids past the 2nd floor playground, as well as everything else on offer around Vivo. The water park is huge, and while not a kid’s park like you find elsewhere around the island, it’s perfect and the kids will enjoy running around in the knee deep water.

On another note, there are signs everywhere saying no swimming. We had a few young girls telling the boys off for “swimming” when all they were doing was sliding along like crocodiles. So remember, NO SWIMMING, even if it doesn’t make much sense? If anyone would like to explain what it means, that would be awesome.

There are a few food options on this level – Food Republic is awesome, as well as an Olde style Pub – King Louis Grill & Bar – with a suit of armour out front (classy). There is also a Timezone where you could kill a lot of time, but our focus for this adventure was The Pet Safari.  Now this is a bit of a novelty to me as a concept, but the shop is open for people to come and enjoy the animals, and the doggy spa is wide open for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Not all of the dogs seem to be having a good time getting washed or cut, but the crowd certainly enjoyed it – as did my lads. There are also animals for sale – dogs, fish, rabbits, hamsters, mice, terrapins, etc… and there’s a pet bakery as well. It’s a good side stop for your little loves and a chance to be cool after a long time in the sun.

Those activities were the main focus of this adventure, the boys were absolutely done in by the time we got home, but there is still so much else we could have done. Just don’t forget to take swim suits and a towel, lots of water, AND hats, because it is a hot adventure and there’s no shade on the 3rd floor if you need to supervise your kids closely. You can also take a picnic and sit on the grass of the Skypark if it’s your preference – we did that and it was really lovely, although the grass was a bit prickly.

Let us know if you go and any feedback on this or any other adventures we’ve written about? Also if you enjoy doing something we haven’t written about yet, share it with us too – I got a hot new lead from another Mum on a brand new water park on East Coast the other day – something I plan to check out soon.

Finally, if you enjoy what you read, please share it with other parents who might enjoy it too.