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We recently found a great new playground – well new for us – by Jurong Lake Park, and it makes for terrific adventure material. If driving, head to Jurong Lake Park and there’s a car park near the entrance to the Chinese Gardens. Alternatively, there are two MRT stations nearbyChinese Gardens and Lakeside MRT and I’m sure there are buses as well, or ask a taxi to stop on the main road near the playground – you can see it from the road.

Now that you’ve arrived, the first priority is to get some energy out of your little loves! I recommend heading straight to the playground near the main foreshore area. As you’ll see in the photos, we went after a lot of rain on Easter Sunday, and if I’d known, I would have packed the boys swimsuits. The water didn’t bother us or the boys, we kicked our shoes off and the lads had a blast – including a couple of hairy falls from the massive climbing frame.

It is a brilliant playground with so much for the kids to do – including a younger kids and an older kid’s playground. Just check out the photos for how good it is, and there’s loads of shade as well. I have to say I am constantly amazed at the number of high quality kid’s playgrounds around the island and we haven’t even started going to them all.

Once you’ve had enough at the playground, walk over to the foreshore, where you’ll see a fountain spraying into the air – if it’s on. It’s lovely here and on a Sunday there are lots of families and couples just hanging out, enjoying the day, having picnics and cuddling. There is also a little boardwalk out on the water where you can fish (but do check out where it is legal to do so) or walk along enjoying nature. Unfortunately, the water was brown and murky because of the rain, but on a clear day, I’m sure you’ll be able to see lots of life in the lake.

Once you’ve enjoyed the peace of this area, head back onto the main path and walk all the way down to the Chinese Gardens. I hate to admit it, but this is the first time we’ve been there! I just didn’t think it would be appropriate for two climbing/running boys and I’m pleased to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong. The gardens are wonderful, with lots of space to walk and run, and on a Sunday they are full of all sorts of people spending time together – definitely great people watching opportunities. The boys had a blast, throwing food to the fish, climbing the stairs to the top of the pagodas, running everywhere including the arching entry bridge, they got to explore small rock bridges, and were generally able to be free. There doesn’t appear to be too many rules – other than our rule of they must respect other people’s space – and that’s awesome when taking little ones out and about.

The Chinese Gardens are free to get in, and while I’m sure there is some food/drinks in the area, we only saw a peddler selling drinks and chips out front. Therefore make, sure you stock up on water and snacks, as it’s a hot and steamy walk.

We didn’t make it to the Japanese Gardens or the Turtle Museum, but I believe this will be another adventure again, as there was much more to see in this area, including an adventure sports area.

Overall, there are many ways you could approach this adventure, and if you’re into bike rides or scooting as a family, pack them in the car because there’s plenty of space to enjoy these activities. There are also water sports you can sign up for, just check out the Web for options – search water sports Jurong Lake. If you like fishing, there are plenty of designated fishing areas as well. I’m sure there’s much more to do, but that’s what I noticed on this adventure. We’ll definitely go back again and try out all of the other stuff we missed.

To make sure you’re well prepared, if it’s been raining a lot, pack bathing suits (although I’m sure others will think you’re crazy), take bikes, scooters, etc… and even though this is a really shaded adventure, take hats and sun block for the day and repellent for mosquito hour later in the day. A perfect adventure for a picnic, or at least for snack time.

I hope you enjoy this area – it’s lovely, big, open and there’s loads for you do together as a family. Let us know if you go?