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With the weather a bit up and down at the moment, I figured an indoor adventure option for the coming long weekend could be in order. If you haven’t been to Fidgets, it’s definitely one to check out when the kids need to use up a lot of energy, because one of the great thing about Fidgets is space – lots and lots of space. Based in Turf City (200 Turf Club Road, #04-05), the best way to get there is to drive or catch a taxi. Park up near the entrance to Giant, head up the stairs between the two Giant entrances, and go straight ahead to the escalator – Fidgets is at the top. In fact, the first time you go there, actually working out how to get up and down from Fidgets can cause a little bit of confusion, but you’ll get there in the end.

Fidgets is one of the older indoor playrooms in Singapore and as such, it’s a little bit tired. The carpet is bubbled, the aircon doesn’t work 100% all the time, and bits of tape are coming off the play equipment, but it doesn’t matter to the kids. There are loads of things to do and one of the ways my boys spend their time is running up and down the long carpeted area, having a wrestle. Sometimes we wonder why we bother taking them to an indoor playroom! There is also a tot’s area that is separate to the bigger kid’s area, which is next to a massive cafe, so you can stay close to your little ones. The Cafe serves up some pretty OK food, but the coffee is nothing more than hot coffee flavoured milk – I do like a good strong coffee. It’s a perfect place for parents to hang out and relax, or even get some work done, but as I still need to be vigilant around the boys, there’s no relaxing time in the cafe for me. I’m sure that day will come….

It’s open 9am-6pm everyday and costs $8 for under twos and $15 for under 10s – and that’s for unlimited play. I think it’s good value when compared to some of the other indoor playgrounds around the Island. To keep costs down, I suggest avoiding the cafe and taking your own snacks – although you’re really only allowed to bring in water. The staff are also worth mentioning, because I think they’re some of the nicest and happiest people working at indoor playrooms in Singapore and for me, they stand out for that. Often a few of them will get in and play with the kids, which give Mum and Dad a nice break. They’re just nice and friendly, adding a nice vibe to the experience.

Ensuring I offer an adventure, rather than a single venue destination, this is how we typically do it. Once our little loves are done at Fidgets, we head down to Giant. Within Giant is a fantastic seafood section, and while I gag all the way at the stench of it, my boys are fascinated with the fish – especially the big tub of live crabs. They look at the crabs for ages, testing each other on how brave they can be with the tongs, but they’re usually just happy watching other people picking the crabs up and putting them in a plastic bag – I just want to cry when I see that J. The rest of the fish on display also capture their imaginations, and it’s a little side-stop that seems to give my boys a lot of pleasure.

Giant used to be a pretty bad place to shop – especially for meat or fruit & veg, but it has come a long way in recent years, with organic fruits and vegetables, as well as higher quality meat flown in from Australia. So if you need to pick a few things up, it’s definitely not as bad as it used to be. I have always found Giant great for the bigger cleaning and bathroom items – at least a couple of dollars cheaper than Cold Storage – so you can get a bit of shopping done if necessary.

If my boys have been good, we walk all the way over to the other side of Giant to the toy section. If there’s a big Disney movie just out – like ‘Cars 2’ last year – this is the place to go for great value merchandise. A lot of the toys on sale at Giant are cheap and plastic – which I refuse to buy – but there’s usually a real find that is great value. Within the toys area is a stationary section, so if the kids are in to arts and crafts, you can also get good value stuff here.

Once done in Giant we head outside where the boys like to climb over the old seats of Turf City. I have to warn you it’s absolutely filthy here, but I don’t mind them running along getting dirty. It won’t be everyone’s cups of tea letting your little loves explore this area that’s for sure. Alternatively you can head into the rest of Turf City for loads of shops and dining options, as well as utilize the huge open spaces outside, but by the time we’ve done both of these activities, it’s usually enough. You can definitely fill a half day at Fidgets and Giant, or a full day if you want to explore Turf City further.

Let us know if you go?



PS: don’t forget socks!!