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If you’re looking for a beach break and have no plans to head off to Thailand, Malaysia or Bali in the near future, Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, is not a bad place to go and hang out. I appreciate that the sand isn’t exactly squeaky clean and if you dip your appendages in an oil patch, it takes a fair bit of effort to get it off. I also appreciate that there are many interesting items being washed ashore – shoes, food, bags, bottles, sticks, etc… BUT as far as a beach destination in the city goes, it’s a pretty good option for a family adventure and relatively peaceful to boot.

It’s easy to get there if driving, as there’s a sizable car park right next door – just follow the signs to Tanjong Beach Car Park and take the road to the left as you hit the big Sentosa roundabout. Or you can catch the red or blue line bus, or the Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram, if not driving.

Our boys love their swimming, so the first thing we do after securing one of the shaded umbrella ‘things,’ is swim with the boys out to the island in the middle. I have to admit that when I swim in the ocean and can’t see the bottom, I do feel a bit UGH! It’s definitely slimy underfoot, so I can recommend keeping your feet off the ground. However, I brave it for the lads, and after a couple of false starts, they are very proud of themselves for swimming all the way across to the Island independently. When we head over to the island, the boys love the opportunity to collect shells and load up on “treasures.” We also enjoy looking at the ships and folk out on sea kayaks and jet skis. In fact, there are some pretty interesting sea activities to watch and all sorts of fitness folk seem to enjoy Tanjong Beach – on and offshore. On the island, it’s pretty peaceful sitting out on the rocks overlooking the ocean and a place where Steve and I even have time to talk without interruption – nice. I do suggest keeping an eye on the ground though. Our friend Tom (9) recently ripped a huge chunk out of his foot after stepping on something sharp, so best to keep eyes peeled.

We eventually con the boys into heading back – because they quickly move on from shell to junk collection, picking up all sorts of yucky stuff – and hang out on the main beach. A lot of dog owners enjoy coming to Tanjong Beach because there’s an unspoken rule that dogs can come off the leash and enjoy the waves. So if you’re a family with a dog and haven’t been to Tanjong Beach, it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s nice to see the dogs running free, the kids have a blast playing in the sand, and of course, rescuing junk out of the ocean – most of which gets gifted to me. I’m a lucky Mum.

We always head up the beach, heading away from the car park, past Tanjong Beach Club. The top end of the beach has never been crowded when we go, everyone is friendly, and the best bit – we always feel like we’ve got space. Being in the ocean, enjoying the sun and the breeze, well it’s just a great way to spend time isn’t it? We usually take a picnic as well, so it’s a great day out with your kids.

Of course, you could also go a little more upscale and head to Tanjong Beach Club, which is great for a lot of reasons – but people watching is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. On the weekends, Tanjong Beach Club is a magnet for beautiful people, with young men and women parading around in bathing suits and drinking cocktails in the pool – until our lads fill their $50 cocktails with chlorinated water – oops. You can stop for a drink or a meal, although I can’t give any feedback on the quality of the food. Here’s a review by Lady Iron Chef – I think I need to arrange a date with my love there one night! The pool is fantastic and the boys have an absolute blast. There is a “life guard” – although he wasn’t doing much – and our boys got told off a couple of times for being, well, boys! It’s a great spot to hang out if this is your style. Steve enjoys playing spot the Wicked Weasel and I must admit, there’s a fair bit of eye candy for myself as well.

There are plenty of other things you can do around here, including going for long walks on the tracks around the Island, beach volleyball, you can hire sea kayaks, bring your bikes, scooters or skates, and more. It’s just a great place in Singapore if you like to get out and about, with swimming in the mix. It’s also a great place to bring the family dog as I said. Another consideration is it’s a great birthday party destination, if you’re happy to organise the party yourself. Some great friends – Davina and Jamey – put in a lot of effort celebrating their little lady Carly’s 4th b’day recently, with a brilliant pirate themed party – the kids had a blast. It was baking hot for the parents though.

Don’t forget to pack hats and lots of sun block, also WATER. If you’re keen on swimming, make sure you pack your bathing suits, towels, sarongs, and a big mat to sit on – l’est your picnic gets full of sand. Strong wipes are good for oil stains on the skin, and buckets and shovels, balls, Frisbees, etc… are all handy accessories for a day at the beach. There are also lifeguard posts on the beach, so it’s good to know there’s some extra eyes on your kids while they play.

We’ll go there a lot for sure, because it really is a lovely, calm place to enjoy a day out at the beach in Singapore – it’s definitely a lot less frantic than Siloso Beach on the other side. If you’re lucky to have a storm come in, it’s also provides a spectacular view – but do get undercover before it hits. It can be a long, wet walk back to the car if you’re slow off the mark.

Let us know if you go or if you’ve been and what you think?