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Polliwogs in Robertson Walk is open for business, and it’s so new, Polliwogs hasn’t even added it to the Website yet! Just three days in, I decided to take the boys down yesterday on the recommendation of my friend Jo, and met up with some other pals to check out Singapore’s newest indoor kids adventure playground. While it looks like any other brand new indoor playground, it’s got enough extra features – including Polliwogs signature air-powered ball “guns” – and a huge amount of space for an inner city venue, to keep the kids happy.

The address for Polliwogs is Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, #02-18/19, Singapore, 237995. We drove and parked directly underneath in the Frazier Suites Car Park, which only cost $4.00 for close to five hours – not bad. Driving is easy and delivers you straight there. I couldn’t see any SMRT stops close by (I figure it would be Clarke Quay), but I’m sure there’s plenty of buses dropping off in the area and of course, lots of taxis coming through. If entering from the car park, Jo suggested keeping our eyes peeled for a brochure – with a music festival on one side, and a blue and white section on the other. If you fill in the blue section, your kids get two hours free-play at Polliwogs. I’m not sure how long this will last, but keep a look-out while it’s still on offer.

From the car park, catch the lift to the 2nd floor, look across to the other side, and there is Polliwogs. If on foot, walk up the stairs and you can’t miss it. You’ll walk in to be greeted by space – lots of tables and chairs in a massive area so the adults can kick back, drink free coffee, and relax while the kids run wild. There are two kids’ areas – little kids and big kids – so if it gets too crazy for the mini-ones, they have space to themselves. Everything is obviously pristine and new, with a triple slide, guns, balls and a basket, soft things to climb under, over, and around, etc… However, the three things that captured my boys’ imaginations were the soft carousel, the fluorescent slide, and the fluorescent “pool” – which seemed to double as a bit of a trampoline. There are definitely enough new things, so it doesn’t feel same-same.

As with East Coast Polliwogs (which I still need to blog about) it’s $20 entry / child, for unlimited free play – and this is what sets Polliwogs apart from much of its competition, who tend to charge by time – or at least charge more if you stay longer than two hours. Adults also get a free tea or coffee with the entry ticket (keep the receipt) but if you want a decent coffee, ask for an extra shot in the latte/cappuccino – it costs $5.50 and tastes like coffee. The food is OK, although the promise of the pizza and sandwiches in the photos is quite different to the reality served up.

Another thought. If you’re looking for a birthday party venue, Polliwogs has a big party room, which can be divided into two rooms. I’m sure they’ve got lots of open dates at this point, but it won’t last long as word spreads about a new indoor playroom. I’ve attended b’day parties at Polliwogs East Coast and they do a good job with the kids.

Polliwogs Robertson Walk is brand new, they’re getting themselves sorted out, processing things is taking time, new staff are being trained and essentially, they’re working it out – it might just require a little patience right now. All up, it’s a great new indoor kids venue, in a cool part of town, and I’m happy to have the option of taking my boys here, because right outside we have Robertson Quay to explore.

Of course, we did this yesterday as well, because one destination is never enough for my lads. I have to say I think Robertson Quay gets better and better every time I go. Great restaurants and bars, it’s got a cool, un-crowded feel, and you can find plenty of kiddie friendly restaurants to enjoy a meal. We had lunch in Polliwogs, so just wandered along the river (there’s a river taxi stop as well) and I’d recommend bringing scooters or bikes, because there’s plenty of space to move and a park connector in the mix.

We headed out of Robertson Walk and followed the river around to the right, crossing the colourful bridge and heading back around. If you want to go further, you can go left outside Robertson Walk and head up to Clarke Quay for more space and adventure opportunities.

It was very hot walking around this area after lunch, and while there is plenty of shade, we did spend a lot of time in the sun. So pack hats and sun block, some water for parched throats and who knows where you’ll end up?

A great area and Polliwogs makes it an even greater adventure destination with kids. Get there fast if you can, because Polliwogs is completely un-crowded at the moment, and doesn’t have that franticness many of the indoor playrooms seem to have. I’m sure that will change quickly as word spreads.

Let us know what you think when you go?