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A few weeks back we posted a blog about one of our favourite playgrounds, Pasir Ris Beach Park. Last week I took the boys there and found the main play area fenced off – all except the little kids’ playground. I contacted National Parks to find out what was going on and they have informed me the entire playground is under a tender process and will be completely replaced. Expected completion is June 2013 – but knowing how fast National Parks move, I’m sure it will be much sooner.

As I said, the little kids’ playground is still open (although I can’t confirm if that will continue to be so) and there’s still plenty to do in this area – including a dip in the ocean. But if you’re looking for a playground with the kids, best to keep this one on the back-burner for now. To keep up-to-date with what is going on, check out the National Parks Website – although no information on the playground closure is up yet.

Apologies if anyone has taken a trip there – we’ll keep you posted if we get any more updates.