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Anyone fancy ice skating, even though we live on the equator? From what we know, we have found two ice-skating rinks in Singapore – one in Kallang and one in Jurong. The one in Jurong is brand new and shiny (thank you Singapore) and they’ve got it just right. It’s situated in a superb new mall, called JCube, Number 2, Jurong East Central.

You can take a bus or MRT to Jurong East, although a taxi cost us $10 from near 6th Avenue, just off Bukit Timah Road.  The Ice Rink is situated on the 3rd floor and is massive – a full Olympic-size skating rink. They have big plans for the rink as professional ice hockey will be played here, as well as ice skating. The viewing galleries go up two and three levels above the rink, so a great time can be had by parents not wishing to skate, or elders who just prefer to sit and watch. Also they’ve designed it with restaurants overlooking the rink through Perspex, so diners can enjoy the skating antics while eating. Not to forget, if Dad can get a beer, everyone is happy!

We took our son Tom (9) and a friend’s daughter Amy (11) recently. Both of the kids can already skate, but there were small children around three and four learning to skate as well. For the little kids, they can learn with the aid of the “penguin” – a skating aid, which is a three foot high plastic penguin with two handles on each side to steady the little ones.

There are a few things to note and number three is important:

  1. You must bring your own socks – I’d suggest ski socks, thick socks or football socks
  2. Tom and Amy had gloves that we bought at Kallang – you are not required to wear gloves at Jurong, but the kids thought they should wear them, for safety. It’s your choice
  3. There are sessions, so make a note before you leave by checking out the Website where pricing is included. We didn’t realise and turned up an hour into a session. You can either pay and still go on, or just make sure you get the timing right to take full advantage of your time there. The manager, Mr. Richard Rowlands, was more than helpful, ensuring we resolved our small problem. As a result, everyone was happy, which is what matters

Check out the timing and pricing in this image from their site. If you can’t read it, just check out the Website – it’s all there. Also, if you want to secure your valuables, there are lockers on site. Just remember to bring at least two $1 coins.

All in all a wonderful day out, but it’s certainly not a cheap day out, especially if you have a family of four or more, and you include dinner. Then again, I can’t see any reason why you can’t take a picnic? The venue is amazing and fun for all the family. The facilities are great and I can guarantee a warm welcome from the staff. As well as that, there’s a lot more to do at JCube, including the first residential area IMAX and the 4D MAX Rider which looks like a lot of fun.

Worth a try if your youngsters enjoy skating, but do dress warmly – it gets chilly in the rink.


Dave Russell

PS: our friend Dave hasn’t quite worked out how to put blogs up on WordPress yet – I need to train him! If anyone else is interested in contributing, let me know? We love contributions of great adventures! Cheers, Andrea