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Bollywood VeggiesIn celebration of our 50th adventure (can you believe it? And we’re not even close to running out of ideas yet) I wanted to share an accidental adventure I did with the boys this last week that turned out to be absolutely awesome. We were heading to Kranji to see Hays Goat Farm, and then ended up driving around all day visiting all sorts of farms. I really had no idea there was so much to see in Kranji and can highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t done it before, because it’s a day in the country. Yes Singapore has country-side and you’ll be blown away by how big the area is.

Hays Dairy FarmThe only thing about this adventure is you must have a car, or hire a driver for the day if you don’t have one. There are buses along the way (and some farms have shuttle buses), but you’ve really got to have a set of wheels to make the most out of this, and with kids, it’s much easier if you can bundle them into a car to cool them (and yourself) down before the next farm.  You can plan what you’ll see in advance (great information here) or stop as something captures your attention – which is what we did. There’s a map showing everything there is to see, but sometimes a farm will just capture your imagination – like the crocodile farm, but it was closed when we were there.

Hays Dairy FarmWe started at Hays Dairy Farm where we used to buy goats milk when the boys were toddlers. It’s pretty small and there was nothing going on, so we just wandered around, looked at the goats and jumped in the car and left. I’m sure if you get lucky and there’s a milking session, it will keep you there a little longer. You can buy fresh milk here – so perhaps as a final stop it would be better – and the kids will get to smell the fragrance of a real farm. My boys comment – Mum it’s really stinky.

Jurong Frog FarmAfter that, and just around a few bends, we found a frog farm and this was a little bit surreal, although the boys thought it was fabulous. There were huge concrete areas choc ‘o’ bloc full of frogs and one even jumped up and went for Jax’s finger, which got a squeal of horror from my little man. They do have educational programs and activities for the kids, but there was nothing special going on the day we were there. In fact the shop was closed and there was no one around at all, so we were free to wander and check it out ourselves. I do like the toilet sign don’t you?

Bollywood VeggiesNext stop Bollywood Veggies and how I wish we didn’t have our lunch already. The restaurant “Poison Ivy” was fabulous and the banana bread was the most delicious I’ve ever eaten. The boys got some ice-cream, so they were happy. The entire vibe of the place is phenomenal, there are all sorts of things you can arrange to do, but we just enjoyed walking around the 10 acre garden and breathing in some nice, clean fresh air. It’s really a beautiful oasis out of the city and I definitely recommend it as a very worthwhile place to visit.

Max Koi FarmWe stopped at a few other places randomly, but the next great stop was Max Koi Farm which is a big, clean and beautiful Koi Farm with loads of space and we were made to feel very welcome. The whole Koi culture is still a little strange to me, but this is the nicest Koi Farm we’ve found in Singapore. They even have a tank of Arapaima – the large South American tropical freshwater fish you can see in Dempsey Road. The deck out on the water is also worth wandering out to and the water is crystal clear but not too many fish in there. It was just a lovely place to visit.

Gardenasia Stormy WeatherWe then got caught in a storm at Gardenasia – which is a big, fabulous garden center and entertainment venue, with another great café. They have a dedicated kids program so check it out in advance if you want to organise something, there is a kids’ playground near the café, and it’s just a beautiful place to wander around and take in. It’s got some high class garden accessories and if I ever grow up and buy a house, I think I’d be coming here to buy a few features for my garden.

Max Koi FarmThere were many many other things to see and do along the way, but this is what we saw and I can’t wait to head back and check the area out more – including a meal at Bollywood Veggies. I also want to check out D’Kranji Farm Resort, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and hopefully the Crocodile Farm will be open next time we go. It’s a wonderful, quirky, adventurous place to visit and I can assure you if you go once, you’ll definitely want to go again.

Gardenasia Remember to pack hats, sunblock and lots of water. You can take food but there are some fantastic restaurants, so I suppose it depends if you want to save a few dollars. Also, if you go during the week, make sure you check out the opening times. Monday is always a bad day in Singapore for things being closed, but all the Web links have opening times, plus if you want a bit more structure, check out the kids’ programs in advance as well.

Please let us know if you go, or if you have any other favorite farms you’d recommend?