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Wavehouse SentosaI took the boys to Sentosa recently, aiming to do Fort Siloso, but with the Halloween activities going on in the last month, it was closed. With loads of other options on offer we ended up having a great alternative adventure – although it’s an expensive day out – taking in both the Megazip Adventure Park and the Wavehouse Sentosa. I’ve got to say, both were awesome and my adventure monkeys absolutely loved it.

Megazip Adventure ParkTo get there, starting at the Megazip (on the beach), catch the monorail to Beach Station, or park up at the beach car park (in between Palawan and Siloso Beach) and then out the front, catch the purple bus (although it could be green) headed towards the Aquarium. Jump off at the end and walk back along the beach to the Megazip Adventure Park – you can’t miss it. The Website says it’s perched atop Imbiah Hill – where one of its venues is, including the Megazip – but we didn’t do that, although Lex was desperate to give it a go. Unfortunately his mother wasn’t, so he’ll have to do it with his Dad at some point. Instead we opted for the high rope obstacle course and the trampolines. Once again, looking at the Website, it seems there is a lot more you can do at the top of Imbiah Hill, so perhaps an adventure for another time?

Megazip Adventure ParkLex embraced the opportunity to go on the high rope obstacle course, jumping into the required harnesses, doing one lap, two laps, and three laps with glee. Jax at nearly five – always the more cautious of the two – took a little bit more time to warm up, but once he saw Lex doing it, he gave it a go as well – which was lucky because I’d already paid for it! The first lap is obviously a bit tentative, but once they both had its measure, their confidence grew with every step. The staff are always in attendance (as well as a photographer if you want to spend a little more money at the end) and it’s great for kids who love climbing. There seems to be a more extensive climbing course – ClimbMax – so presuming it’s on Imbiah, it definitely looks good for the boys as well. There’s always something else to check out in Singapore.

Megazip Adventure ParkThe high rope course on the beach isn’t huge and it’s perfect for youngsters who want to give it a go. After that, we went to the trampolines, where the kids are once again put in a harness and they can leap for joy. This is a great activity to do with the kids because they have the biggest smiles on their faces the whole time. The boys have been back to do this since, because they loved it, and the older the kids are, the more daring they become, doing summersaults in the air.

Megazip Adventure ParkPricing, from memory, was around $25/kid for both activities – so a $50 activity with two kids. We really enjoyed this. The staff were great, safety is a top priority, and there’s a lot more that you can do – especially if your kids are a little bit older. The Megazip looks like a lot of fun, but you’re not going to get me up there – sorry fear of heights is a crippling thing sometimes. However if you have youngsters, the beach venue is perfect for them – so another adventure option next time you’re on Sentosa.

Wavehouse SentosaAfter the Megazip Adventure Park, we wandered back down the beach to the Wavehouse – a venue I’ve wanted to check out for a long time. We somehow managed to get there 30 minutes before the next free one hour slot on the Flowrider, the most basic of the two surfing options. Now again, if you combine both of the activities suggested in this blog, it is definitely not a cheap day out, because an hour on the Flowrider is $35/hour per child on weekdays and $40/hour per child on weekends. You have two hour options as well, however I would definitely say one hour was enough for my boys, but getting closer to 10 years old, perhaps a two hour slot would be worthwhile? Whatever the case, if you are planning to go during peak times, perhaps book in advance, because otherwise you might need to wait for a very long time or not be able to get on at all? The contact details are here .

Wavehouse SentosaRules

There are rules and it’s definitely worth taking note in advance to make sure you understand the risks and to ensure no disappointment. Both of my lads were tall enough, but Jax only just.

  • All riders must present a government photo identification in order to ride
  • You must be over 107cm to bodyboard on the FlowRider
  • You must be over 133cm to ride standup on the Flowrider or to ride the FlowBarrel
  • If under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian with a valid photo identification present to sign off
  • You must be able to swim in fast-moving, turbulent water
  • Etc…  

Wavehouse SentosaThe best place to know all the rules and risks in advance, is this page on the Wavehouse Website.

Overall, both of my boys loved the experience, and while Jax went flying a couple of times and got a little bit hurt, he braced himself and went back for more. Lex, on the other hand, got hurt but it didn’t worry him at all. With that said, a nine-year old friend told me he doesn’t like it because it hurts, so I suppose it’s going to be up to the sort of kid you’ve got? It might not be for everyone, but if you have adventurous ones, I reckon it’s worth checking out. Also you share the Flowrider with other kids – up to 15 at one time I believe – and the guy we had (the one with the dreadlocks and big earrings) was absolutely adorable and fantastic with the kids. When Jax took one too many stumbles, he recognised the need to stay on the board as my little pudding was getting a bit freaked out by the whole experience. So I couldn’t speak more highly of the guy we got on the day.

Wavehouse SentosaThe venue is brilliant as well, a great place for the old folk to hang out and have a beer, cocktail or juice, and the food is pretty good as well. It’s just got a nice beach vibe to it, and even if you go there with little ones, they can enjoy the big shallow swimming pool while you chill, or maybe even enjoy a bit of a perv at the grown-up surfers ;0

Megazip Adventure Park Siloso BeachAs I said, it’s not a cheap day out, but I’m glad we’ve done it. You definitely need bathing suits, towels, hats, sun block and water. The Wavehouse is very strict about not bringing in outside food and drink, so keep that in mind as well. Perhaps if you want to get in a cheap picnic, just head out to one of the shelters on the beach?

One thing I know for sure, when we came home, the boys were cactus. All the walking in the heat was enough, but it was that one hour on the Flowrider that really did them in. They were exhausted – hooray!

Finally, I’ll let you know what the Wavehouse is like as a kids birthday party option soon as we’re hosting Lex’s 6th birthday party there this Sunday afternoon.

Let us know if you agree or what you think when you go?