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Japanese Gardens, SingaporeI recently took the boys out to Jurong for a double destination adventure, taking in first the Japanese Gardens and then Kids Amaze at the Jurong SAFRA Club. A while ago, I tried to take the boys to Kids Amaze, but it doesn’t open until 1pm on a weekday (10am on weekends), so by doing the hot outdoor bit first, we were easily ready to head indoors to Kids Amaze by the time one o’clock rolled around.

Japanese Gardens, SingaporeGetting out to Jurong is obviously easiest by car, especially when you are doing both activities for your adventure, but you can catch the SMRT to Jurong East, Chinese Gardens or Lakeside stations and walk to the Japanese Gardens. I believe Jurong East is closer, but as I haven’t caught the train, I can’t tell you for sure. To get to Kids Amaze from here, you can catch a taxi, although I’m sure there is a combination of buses available too. Sorry I just find doing these sorts of things with the boys is easiest by car, especially as we got caught in a huge storm at the Japanese Gardens – which was spectacular – but it would have been impossible to get a taxi or make it to public transport in time before the deluge started!

Japanese Gardens, SingaporeThe Japanese Gardens are beautiful. It’s a wonderful place to wander around, taking in the delicate gardens and features. It isn’t as big as the Chinese Gardens, nor is it as well shaded, but it is a beautiful place well worth a visit at some point during your adventures around Singapore. There are no kid-specific activities, but we found some large rocks by the small pool, and that was enough for my boys. We took a picnic with us, eating it under one of the shaded areas while we watched the storm come in. It was a lovely time, but it was also achingly hot, so if you want to go, do it on one of those rare cool days we get to enjoy sometimes.

Japanese Gardens, SingaporeI’d definitely suggest being aware of the storm activity at the moment, because if you’re too far from the exit, it’s a long way to go to get back to the car! There is free parking just near the entrance, as well as a bigger car park up the road. It’s free to get in and well worth a visit.

Kids Amaze, SAFRA Jurong Escaping the storm, we jumped in the car and headed to Kids Amaze. I got horribly lost trying to find it in the rain because my GPS didn’t recognise the address. Make sure you have a cross-street to refer to if you want to be sure you’re heading in the right direction. Located at 333 Boon Lay Way, once you do find it, it’s a fantastic indoor playroom for kids – three stories high, with a slide coming down from the roof. There’s activities for little kids as well as big kids, and it was certainly a very popular place with the families there that day.

Kids Amaze, SAFRA Jurong For an indoor kids playroom it’s cheap as well, costing $11.20/child during the week and $16.50 on the weekends. A friend told me she hated it because it was really noisy, and she’s right, there is a lot of noise in the room from the equipment, but the kids didn’t seem to mind at all. Also, one difference from normal indoor playrooms is to actually enter the play area, parents also need to pay a nominal fee – a few dollars, no big deal – but there is also seating outside if you just want to let your kids run free.

Kids Amaze, SAFRA Jurong As far as indoor playrooms go, it’s a great place to take the kids. It’s not as swish as the privately owned playgrounds in the inner city, but I probably liked it a little more for not being the same. I couldn’t get a coffee here, it wasn’t a comfortable place to hang out with grown-up friends, but as far as pure fun for the kids goes – they’ll be happy here.

Kids Amaze, SAFRA Jurong The other time we went to Kids Amaze – only to find it closed until 1pm – we decided to go to the pool. It is a fantastic pool, with a dedicated kid’s pool as well, BUT the constant sound of the lifeguard whistles because my boys were getting up to no good just made it impossible for them to have fun. They are happy hanging out in the kids pool, but they also love swimming in the big pool too, and of course, it can freak some people out seeing such small children being so gung-ho in the pool. Also there is a lot of serious lap swimming going on, so the kids’ annoying the grown-ups wasn’t appreciated. I decided it isn’t a great option for my boys, but if your kids aren’t so rowdy in the pool, you might want to add it in as well?

Kids Amaze, SAFRA Jurong So there you go, this adventure should fill up a day, with a nice long walk in the heat, a picnic in the gardens and then lots of running and screaming at Kids Amaze. Don’t forget hats, sunblock and lots of water for the Japanese Gardens, plus a picnic if you want to have lunch, and then of course socks for Kids Amaze, including for Mum or Dad if you want to go inside. Swimsuits as well if you want to jump in the pool.

Japanese Gardens, SingaporeAs always, check out both places online before you go, as sometimes they close to the public for special events or, in the case of Kids Amaze, for cleaning. You certainly don’t want to get out there and find it closed after all, although there are many other great activities you can do in Jurong, so it won’t be a problem.

Have you been? Going soon? Let us know what you thought?