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Kinko Fish Spa Marina Bay SandsI took the boys on a really great adventure to Marina Bay Sands recently, doing a few things we haven’t done before.  We kicked our adventure off with a fish spa at Kenko – a foot reflexology and wellness spa – which was not just a first for the boys, but a first for me too! We did lots of other stuff as well, but ended up at the Art Science Museum, another place I’ve wanted to visit for a while, but in hindsight, probably not the ideal venue for my active lads.

Art Science Museum Marina Bay SandsThe best way to make this into a full-day-wear-‘em-out kind-of adventure – is catch the train to Marina Bay Sands and go from there. However, if you do drive, I recommend parking at the open air car park on the corner of Marina Boulevard and Bayfront Ave ‘cos then you have some outdoor running space before you get inside and walk them the whole length of MBS. This works for me every time, although getting back to the car you usually finding it steaming hot and the kids are always moaning. It’s worth it though, to use up some of the never ending energy my boys seem to have – sigh.

Kenko Fish Spa Marina Bay Sands When you enter the main doors – if walking from the open air car park – stay on the top floor (if my memory serves me well) and on the right hand side is the Kenko Fish Spa. If coming from the basement car park, head up to the top floor, and stay on the left hand side, as if you’re walking towards the financial district. You’ll find it I promise. There are other things you can do at Kenko if your kids enjoy reflexology or a massage, but for me it was all about the fish spa experience. I appreciate that some people are absolutely revolted by this idea, and other people – like me – are so tickle-ish they could never imagine doing it, but it is well worth the experience. Costing $40/adult and $20/kid it’s not a cheap activity to do, but as a first time experience it is great. Perhaps one to save when the grandparents come for a visit?

Marina Bay Sands All I know is when I put my feet in the water, I giggled and giggled and giggled for a good five minutes before I calmed down and enjoyed the experience. The boys thought it was absolutely brilliant seeing their Mum laugh like this, so that alone was a great part of my day. Luckily we had the spa to ourselves, because by the time we left, there was a lot of water EVERYWHERE and quite a few dead fish– oops. The staff were pretty relaxed about me being in there with two busy lads, didn’t seem to mind them banging away on the laptops (which seem only accessible for hotel guests), but they didn’t like the boys putting their hands in the water – which was fair enough when the death toll started to mount. It was fun and we’ll do it again for sure.

Marina Bay Sands Ice SkatingBy this time, we were getting close to lunchtime, and headed all the way along MBS (it’s a very long walk) to meet some friends (Lisa and Aedyn) at the food court on the ground floor. It’s a fight trying to get a table here during lunchtime, and it has certainly gained in popularity since it opened, so the lines are long – especially if there is a conference on – which there was the day we went. We also needed to sit near the rink, because Lex absolutely insists on skating, but as Jax is too young to do it (6 years minimum) it is a bit of a pain managing the disappointment of one, while trying to sort out the other to get them in their boots and on the rink. It’s just one of those things with kids this age.

Art Science Museum, SingaporeAfter this, we all wandered out to the Singapore Art Science Museum and I was absolutely thrilled because it was the last days of the Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal Exhibition. Steve and I had planned on going since it started, but we just never made it happen, so that was a bonus of the day. If you are planning on going to the Art Science Museum, remember to take your green cards or resident identification, because you get about $4 off the ticket price – details here.  An ‘All Access Pass’ to all exhibitions is $16/$14 kids 2-12 and $28/$24 for adults, plus an additional lower cost for senior citizens. Individual exhibitions are less, and really, it’s not that expensive when compared to Museums in other major cities. I thought it was a good deal.

Art Science Museum, SingaporeThe exhibitions we saw that day were Andy Warhol (as I said) and Outside In: A Magum Photos Showcase – which I absolutely loved.  However, both exhibitions were excruciatingly painful with my lads – they’re just not the sort of kids you can take into a place where they can’t touch stuff, be quiet and not run. I did manage to reach them on the wonders of the photographs, and afterwards we had some fun with the camera, but really, it’s just not an ideal venue for my boys – my friend Lisa can attest to this. It’s a shame though, because I love stuff like this. One day soon I hope.

Art Science Museum, SingaporeAs such, I haven’t taken them to “The Art of the Brick,” and that is basically because the friends who have gone said it’s brilliant but the kids can’t touch anything. I can’t even get my boys to stop touching the elephant outside the lego shop in Holland Village, so I think this will just be an exhibition I have to miss. Additionally, ‘Fujians: The Blue Ocean Legacy’ looks superb – because I love history too – but perhaps I’ll drag Steve along for that one and take the opportunity to go back and have the time to look at the amazing photography at the ‘Outside In’ Exhibition. I can definitely recommend this if you’re into photography.

Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeSo there you go. This really is a full day adventure, and there’s a bit of art and culture in the mix too. Older kids should love this, little kids will probably enjoy it as well, but those in between-ragamuffins who just can’t sit still – perhaps the Art Science Museum isn’t the most sensible place to take them? At least I know that now. 

Let us know what you think if you’ve been or go?