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Central Fire Station, SingaporeWhen I wrote about our trip to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery a couple of weeks ago, two Mum’s mentioned that we must also go between 9-11am on Saturday mornings, because they do an open house every week at the actual Central Fire Station next door. Cool the boys will love that – real fire engines, fire men, they can use an actual fire hose and more.

Central Fire Station, Singapore



So I had it all planned and then woke up to a day that threatened non-stop rain – a threat that eventuated. Obviously, with the incessant rain I wondered if it would be a good idea, or if it would even be happening, but decided we’d go anyway – it’s only water after all! Located at Central Fire Station, 62, Hill Street, Singapore 179367 (phone 6332 2996), I’m glad to report, it’s a rain or shine activity, although they don’t do as much when it’s raining. We parked up the road at a public car park around the corner, and by the time we trudged down the hill from the car, we were soaked through and I wore a white shirt to boot – nice! I never carry an umbrella with me… it would have been handy today.

Central Fire Station, SingaporeAs such, my experience this morning was of the whingey variety – “I’m cold Mum,” “can we go inside and do the pictures Mum?” “Can we go home Mum?” – alas, adventures aren’t always perfect, but it’s definitely a GREAT thing to do with your little loves. On both visits, I have found the staff absolutely terrific and friendly, the kids are completely welcome, and one of the firemen runs a tour of the facilities, showing how everything works.

It’s a cool thing to do, it’s done very well and on a nicer day, I know my lads are going to love it. Thanks fellow Mum’s for the recommendation.

Let me know what you think if you’ve done it and any other great adventure recommendations you may have that we haven’t done yet?



Central Fire Station, SingaporeCentral Fire Station, SingaporeCentral Fire Station, Singapore