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Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeHi everyone, as you may have noticed, for the first time since launching the blog over a year ago, I’ve gone silent and I am so sorry about that. I’ve been trying to work out how I can focus on a full-time job and all that entails, plus keep this up – because so many people have told me how much they value our ideas on this blog (which is really appreciated). Therefore a slight refocus is in order.

Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeThe challenge I’m facing, is finding the time (and energy) to take the boys out on full-day adventures and then having the additional time needed to write it up over the weekend – especially as Steve has been away four out of the last five weeks. Not to mention, when he was home for a week, I was away… Working in life in Singapore.

Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeSo here’s my solution. I’ll continue working towards 365 adventures for kids under 10 in Singapore, but when I don’t have a full adventure in me, I’ll write about kid friendly cafes (KFC ironically) in Singapore, as well as other significant activities going on around town. Another topic I might write about is the really important and useful information I’ve learnt living here for nearly a decade. So essentially, extending the value of the info. The combination of content will be different, with adventures still the core focus, but this way, I can commit to writing something useful every week – because I can at least take the boys to a café on the weekend, if not on a fully-fledged adventure. It’ll also give me the chance to integrate great cafes/restaurants into the full-day adventures as we do them. Make sense?

Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeThe first and easiest recommendation is Café Brunetti in Tanglin Mall. This place has one of the best cups of coffee you can get in Singapore, and that alone is a reason I love it. Influenced by a Melbourne café of the same name (and maybe even owned by the same people?) it’s a wonderful place to take the kids because of the outdoor space and the magnificent selection of ice-cream – my boys are never unhappy when we visit.

With outdoor seating near the Traders Hotel, it recently added a small-enclosed playground in this area. While I’m sure this has been put there exclusively for hotel guests, they never seem to mind the café kids coming for a climb. Perhaps that will change, but for now, it gives Mum and Dad a chance for a peaceful coffee while the kids are able to use up some energy. For slightly older kids, there’s space to run, room to practice on Heelies, they can chase the birds, or just hang out and get a bit of independence away from the old folk.

Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeIt certainly gets busy at peak times – although we’ve never had trouble getting a table – and I the only criticism I’ve been able to find online is around the price. Yes, it’s not cheap, but once in a while, definitely worth a visit. The drinks, ice-cream, cakes and light meals are all superb, taking me back to my University days in Melbourne. The best part about this café is the kids are welcome and we all know how important that is.

Cafe Brunetti, Tanglin Mall, SingaporeSo if you want a decent cup of coffee with the kids one weekend, check out Café Brunetti if you haven’t already.

Any great Cafes you love in Singapore? I’m only getting started, so I know there’ll be plenty more to come.