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I am one of those parents always looking for healthy eating-out options for the boys, which means no additives or preservatives, with a specific focus on avoiding MSG – something that really hurts me too. This limits eating out choices in Singapore – especially at food courts due to high MSG use-age, which is a bummer because I love food courts – but it makes me work harder to find really good places for lunches, snacks, etc…. We often take our own food, just because I don’t want the boys eating crap, however the reality is, they don’t like fast food either.

Gastronomia, Da Paolo, ParagonAnyway, while Steve and I have often dropped in at Gastronomia (Da Paolo) in Paragon, we recently started taking the boys there for lunch when shopping on Orchard Road. For me, it’s the perfect choice for an Orchard Road shopping break, because the pizza slices are delicious, as are the sandwiches, cakes, AND the most important thing – they make a great cup of coffee. However, if you like meringues and want to keep your waistline trim, probably best avoided. I was happy they stopped making the musk-flavored (or rose-flavored for non-Aussies) meringues, because they were a very dangerous temptation indeed.

Gastronomia, Da Paolo, ParagonWe’ve found Gastronomia to be a real treat for our youngsters. They feel really important sitting up on high stools eating their lunch, however the other really superb thing about Gastronomia is the staff. They are incredibly friendly, and they seem to love having the kids around. In fact, both boys have picked up a girlfriend here, so it’s always a bit of a love fest when we show up.

Gastronomia, Da Paolo, ParagonDa Paolo has always been a stop-off for us pre-dinner party, as no one ever seems to mind when we turn up with their fantastic Tiramisu. Definitely keep it in mind next time you’ve got the kids out on Orchard Road during the day and want to feed them something relatively healthy.

Any other eating out on Orchard suggestions perfect for the youngsters?