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Continuing my kid friendly café series, and please don’t think I’m lazy – just busy! Last weekend we joined some friends at Brussels Sprouts, East Coast, at the Big Splash complex. I’ve taken the boys a couple of times during the day, but this was my first dinner experience, and I must say, this is a perfect place to take your kids – any time of the day.

Brussels Sprouts SingaporeBased on a Belgium theme, it’s famous for beer and mussels – something that makes my husband a very happy man indeed. However, for people not so keen on those slippery suckers, they have a fantastic selection of great food for everyone – think good Australian pub food to get an idea. The best bit though, is on the weekend and public holidays, kids eat for free. The kids menu is very good, with something even for the fussy eater, and if nothing else, the fries are the best in Singapore. I can definitely recommend it as a healthy place to take the kids for a meal. Here’s the menu to give you an idea, and the breakfast looks awesome.

Brussels Sprouts SingaporeBUT the best thing about Brussels Sprouts is they have designed it with the family in mind. There’s an indoor section for little kids, with a play area and indoor friendly toys, that even on rainy days, the slightly bigger kids seem to enjoy – although I’m not sure the adults sitting nearby without kids were enjoying my boys’ sword fight… sorry. Outside, they’ve also got kids toys and a small slide area, but it is the huge expanse of grass for the kids to run around on that really makes it special for Singapore. Definitely a dream come true for parents with rambunctious children.

Brussels Sprouts SingaporeBest way to get there is obviously by car or taxi, but it’s always really challenging getting a taxi home. Seriously, do yourself a favor and book a taxi when you want to leave. Buses include number 31, 36, 43, 48, 76,135,196,197 to Amber Garden and bus number 401 lands up opposite the Playground @ Big Splash – but only on weekends.

It’s a great place for the family, so let us know what you think when you go? And as always, we’re happy to hear recommendations of great places to take the kids for adventures or food.