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It’s been weeks between blogs and I have to apologize to those who regularly seek inspiration here, but life has just gotten so unimaginably busy these last few months. I promise to keep trying to do my best, but weekly blogs seem to elude me at the moment. I need to get Steve on the case to keep the momentum going with me, ‘cos he’s got a great adventure blog to write on Longkang Fishing. Our new fish tank is testament to that effort and I must say, I hate cleaning fish tanks…

Coastes, SentosaToday I’m featuring another kid friendly café, although this is a bit of a full-day adventure option as well. In fact, my very first blog on Singaporekids365 featured Coastes on Sentosa as part of a broader activity option, but since then, we’ve been back many times, as it seems a perfect little get-away for all of us. I get to kick back on the day beds (which you have to hire), the boys get to swim and roll around in the sand, we all get to eat great food, and life is good.

Coastes, SentosaOne of the reasons I like Coastes – aside from the fact the boys are happy there – is I feel like I’m having a mini-holiday in the city. Sure the beach isn’t pristine, nor the water clear, but if you imagine hard enough, you can picture yourself on a beautiful Thai beach miles from any distractions. I suppose I just find it good for my soul, and the music adds to the ambience.

Coastes, SentosaThey’ve been extending Coastes of late, so it’s getting bigger and better, and the food is really very very good. A pay-as-you-go dining model, you can guarantee it won’t be a cheap day out – especially if booze is involved – but it’s a really great thing to do for the whole family.

If you’re driving, the beach car park is a short walk to Coastes. Or if you get to Vivo City, catch the tram to Siloso Beach and it’s equally a short stroll to Coastes. Here’s a link to more information on getting around Sentosa, including a map.

Coastes, SentosaIt’s one of my favorite things to do as a family at the moment, and it is also our plan today as we get ready to go out and celebrate Father’s Day for Steve. With that, I’d like to wish all of the Dad’s out there a very happy Father’s Day, and whatever you do with your little loves, I hope it’s great fun for all.

Let me know what you think of Coastes, and if you have any other great kiddie friendly café recommendations, you know I’m all ears?



Coastes, Sentosa