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Hello fellow parents, we received a lovely email from National Parks Singapore (we like Nat Parks), telling us about the forthcoming Festival of Biodiversity 2013 which is on this Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of July from 10am to 10pm at Vivo City. The actual destination for the Festival is Level 1, Central Court B and West Boulevard. Here’s a link with directions for getting to and from Vivo.  

Festival of Biodiversity SingaporeApparently there loads of fun and educational activities for the young and young-at-heart, plus opportunities to interact with others who are passionate about nature. It’s a celebration of Singapore’s natural heritage, and we’re all invited to go along and enjoy the fun.

Highlights of the Festival from NatParks

‘Our Natural Heritage’ exhibition – What dwells in the rainforest? Are there freshwater streams in Singapore?  What lives in a coral? Learn the answer to these and get a chance to view specimens of animals that we do not usually see in our daily lives, including the Malayan pangolin, bats, civet, freshwater crabs, knobbly sea stars, stingray, and more!

‘Year of Snakes in Singapore 2013’ exhibition – This exhibition showcases Singapore’s native snakes. Learn more about the snakes in Singapore — its name, habitat it is found in, its prey, and other meaningful information, ranging from whether it is venomous to its status in Singapore. Find out the plight that snakes face in the rising demand for them in illegal wildlife trade, and how we can make a difference.

Art & Craft Workshops – Come join us for our Art and Craft workshops and bring home a masterpiece showcasing our native wildlife. Make your very own Fingerprint Tree and wildlife magnets or try your hand at painting nature at some of these nature-inspired workshops!

Storytelling Sessions – Be enthralled by our favourite stories like “The Lorax” as Junior Reading Ambassadors (JRA) encourage young children to start appreciating nature that is all around us. Consisting of students from different primary schools, the JRAs show us how to make reading fun!

I think it looks like a terrific couple of days out and I’m definitely going to take the boys, especially as I’ll be a single Mum this weekend with Steve flying off to Australia tonight – for work… and some Aussie Rules, even though he’s British, has never watched an Aussie Rules game, doesn’t know who’s playing, doesn’t understand the rules, and ooops, I sound bitter J.

Perhaps I’ll see you down there this weekend?