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Sentosa CoveI was out on Sentosa Cove last week looking at the W Hotel for a work function, and thought, wow this would be a pretty nice place to bring the boys these days. For some reason, it’s been a long time since we’ve taken the time to explore Sentosa Cove (and boy has it changed), and today it’s a really lovely space, with great restaurants, space to walk, bike or scooter, things to dream about and a few more options.

Obviously getting to Sentosa Cove is super easy in a car, with plenty of parking available. Taxi as well, although I’m not sure how easy it would be to get one off the island. While I haven’t done it, you can catch a shuttle bus every thirty minutes from HarbourFront and it drops you at the main bus stand in Sentosa Cove – a short distance away from the restaurants.

Sentosa CoveThe first part of this adventure is not something we’ve actually done, but definitely in the pipeline for a future weekend. Some friends have done it though and they loved it. For a mere $45/head (same price for kids) you can hang out and swim at the W Hotel. It’s a gorgeous, funky hotel – as only W’s can be – and if you don’t have a pool at home, it would be a really nice way to enjoy a day with the family. Of course, if you’re a family of six, it’s starting to become a rather expensive day out. Once in a while it’d be nice to do, and I’m kind of with them on the pricing, because by keeping it high, it keeps the numbers down.

From there, a walk around the Marina is absolutely lovely. The paths are long – perfect for scooters – and while you’ll get to a point where you can go no further (private residence access only) just turn around and go the other way. We saw lots of bright colored fish in the ocean too, which the boys thought was pretty fab. As we were walking, it definitely inspired me to arrange a day trip out on a boat with the boys, although Steve had other things on his mind, salivating over his dream boat. We’re always looking for energy using options with the boys, so a long walk is always a perfect thing to do – although usually accompanied by a lot of whining.

Sentosa CoveWe went in the early afternoon, so it was hot! But being by the ocean, there’s always a breeze, lots of trees for shade, and who cares if you’re a sweaty mess – it’s Singapore.

Sentosa CoveWe walked all the way around near One15 Marina Club (private club) and I know if we had kept going we probably would’ve had miles more to explore (as you can see on the layout here but the whining really was getting too much, because they knew we had to walk back the way we had come to get to the restaurants.

Sentosa CoveWe chose Sole Pomodoro for dinner – ‘cos you just can’t go wrong with our boys and pizza – but there are so many places to choose from, including Brussel Sprout, a tapas restaurant, Chinese, Japanese, Harry’s, and so much more. All of the restaurants are kiddie friendly as well, with play areas in most of them. That is always appreciated and definitely makes it easier for us parents with annoyingly active kids.

Sentosa CoveSole Pomodoro was alright from a food perspective, but I must say, the service was absolutely shocking. The waiters did their job, but there was no pro-activity in it (i.e. filling up water glasses), no smiles, no checking to see if you needed anything else, and no love! It was all kind of done with an ambivalent air about them, and I’m still not sure why all of the waitresses were wearing fluorescent bras under white tops?? Is that the fashion these days? We’ll give it one more chance, but if it’s the same, it will be off our list of preferred eating establishments in Singapore. A shame, because it’s a perfect family restaurant, but the staff are definitely in need of training on how to wow a customer. It’s not hard is it?

Sentosa CoveFrom here, there’s a gorgeous ice cream café down the road, but the boys were being very naughty at this point, so ice-cream was taken off the table. That resulted in a pleasant journey home – not.

So there you go. A nice day out with the kids, the sunsets are gorgeous, it’s a nice experience for everyone, if you bring the W into play (which is also an eating option) you can make a full day out of it, and it’s the sort of area where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Sentosa CoveWe liked it. Let us know what you think?