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If you’re looking for an indoor activity this rainy Sunday, one option is to go and see the Mega Bugs Return! Science CenterMega Bugs Return! Exhibition that’s on at the Science Center until the 18th of August – it’s coming to an end. I was feeling pretty worn out yesterday, as was Steve, so my lovely hubby graciously took the boys off my hands for a mini-adventure to the exhibition and I got a decent nana nap in.

When Steve came back, he was a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience, saying it was coming to an end and getting a bit tired, but the boys thought it was terrific – and that’s all that matters. Across two big halls, the boys were initially quite spun out by the whole experience, because it was dark with lots of luminescence, giant bugs and weird noises. But they soon got their confidence back, and enjoyed having a poke around.

Mega Bugs Return! Science CenterMost of the bugs and insects are either dead or robotic monster size, but the boys did get to enjoy a live exhibition when they came across feeding time in one of the tanks. Featuring cockroaches, stick insects and more, they were a little apprehensive about holding onto the cockroaches when offered by the staff – can’t really blame them.

Mega Bugs Return! Science CenterThere are a few interactive areas which the boys thought were great. One included a section where you hit various buttons and they light up to simulate how quickly bugs can move – we scored four, but the best of the day was 99! In addition, there was another exhibition where the boys got to climb over a carpeted section with Velcro pads on their hands to recreate how insects are able to climb. The staff were adorable, very patient and quick to share their knowledge with anyone who wanted to listen.

It’s not cheap at $20 / adult and $15 / kid, but a little cheaper if you’re a member at $17 / adult and $11 / kid. You’d struggle to squeeze more than two hours out of the experience. With that said, it definitely suited us yesterday, and the reality is – kids love bugs and creepy crawlies – so it’s a great thing to do if you’re looking for a bit of indoor fun. The ticket price also includes entrance to the Science Center, and if it’s been a while since you’ve been, keep it in mind as an option. Easy to fill a day there and for kids, it’s a little bit of paradise.

Mega Bugs Return! Science CenterAnyone else been to the Mega Bug Exhibition?



Mega Bugs Return! Science CenterMega Bugs Return! Science Center