I hope everyone had a GREAT long long weekend last week? We took the boys to Phuket for six days and it was glorious. If you’re ever looking for an easy and idyllic get-away in Phuket, the Angsana on Laguna is absolutely perfect, as are the other kid friendly hotels on Laguna. It was a much needed break for all of us and I wish we were still there…. But today I wanted to tell you about a great kid friendly eating option at Vivocity – a place we go to a lot – and that is The Queen & Mangosteen.

The Queen & MangosteenI don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t find Vivocity amazing as a food option for the boys. Sure there is plenty of junk food available – especially in the kid’s area on the second floor – but if you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll know I do everything I can to avoid junk food with the boys. It’s not good for them and sends them crazy, plus it’s not good for us and makes me feel sick when I eat it. They’ll probably grow up with a fast food fetish because I’ve deprived them…. Oh well, at least I’ve done my best.

The Queen & MangosteenBased on an English Pub – although absolutely nothing like the dark and dingy British Pubs I’ve frequented in my time – The Queen & Mangosteen is a perfect place for kids. But it’s not cheap and if you read a lot of the reviews, many people have had some pretty bad food and service experiences there. While I agree on the pricing, I found the food absolutely lovely, and the kids’ menu has some really good healthy choices. Hey they ate what was served up and were happy, so that’s good enough for me. Service-wise I also had no complaints.

The Queen & MangosteenThe best thing about the pub is where it’s located. It’s got a large outdoor seating area, so while I enjoyed my meal in peace, the boys could run around, splash each other in the fountain, chase the mini-train (much to the driver’s annoyance) and generally not get into too much trouble. The boys just aren’t the sort of kids to sit still for extended periods of time, so having an expanse of area where they could run free is a good thing for this mum.

So there you go, a good but expensive eating option at Vivocity. We’re actually taking the boys to the cinema at Vivo this afternoon and we’re determined to try Jamie’s Italian. I’m expecting it to be good, but I’ll let you know if it’s kid friendly.

Any thoughts or experiences you’d like to share on The Queen & Mangosteen?



PS this is why we went, to see the NatParks exhibition. Poor bat.

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