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Tanjong Rhu RoadMy blog has been languishing these last few weeks due to the fact I’ve been experiencing some of the craziest times at work, along with moving house. As a result, my aching mind and body just couldn’t get it together to do a blog as well – let alone take the boys out on any interesting adventures. They’ve been dealing with boxes, chaos and more boxes, and let’s face it – young kids are extremely annoying to have around when one is trying to organize a new home…. It’s been fun!

But we’ve moved back to our favorite place to live in Singapore – Tanjong Rhu Road – and the reason we love this area is space and its multi-cultural mix of families all living and playing together. If you’re interested, Stadium SMRT is the closest train station, there are buses coming into the area, as well as plenty of cars parked along the roads on the double yellow lines. Never seems to be a problem.

Tanjong Rhu RoadThe reason I write about it today is not only are we thrilled to be back in our Singapore home, but Tanjong Rhu Road provides a terrific, wide-open space for kids to move – whether walking, running, riding, scooting or whatever else appeals – and they can do it in relative safety, away from roads and cars. Kilometers of footpaths and grass areas attract thousands of families every night, and every sport you can imagine is enjoyed – including cricket, which was nice to see recently. The other popular pull for this area is dog owners. Every shape and size of dog is on parade, and the dog walking community is a strong one indeed.

Tanjong Rhu RoadAnother bonus of Tanjong Rhu Road is access to two other awesome adventures we’ve already written about – Gardens by the Bay East (legal parking available there) AND Kallang Leisure Park. I actually took the boys bowling on our first weekend here and today, we’re heading over to watch Planes at Filmgarde Cineplex. Yes, Kallang Shopping Centre is definitely a big part of our lives again, having been regulars since it opened and changed the whole area a few years back.

Tanjong Rhu RoadTanjong Rhu Road provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy time with the kids, including two great eating options. The first is the delightful Vatan Se, which is blogged about here and here. It’s an Indian Restaurant in Costa Rhu, and we got take away from there a couple of weeks ago. I must say, they do one of the best Butter Chickens I’ve ever had, so we’ll definitely be regulars. Of course, there is also the trusty Brewerks – the only restaurant still standing amidst stadium construction chaos. Of course, if neither appeals, it’s a short walk to Kallang Shopping Centre, so an easy area to entertain the kids and get access to sustenance.

Tanjong Rhu RoadThe only thing Tanjong Rhu is not good for, is flying things. We’ve lost plenty of boomerangs, a remote control helicopter, and more, in the Kallang Basin – and it’s not always the kids fault J. The water is great, the sunsets magnificent, but not so good for kids (or parents) with limited flying or directional skills.

We’re thrilled to be back on the East Coast, and it will also mean more adventuring on this side of town as well. Looking forward to sharing all of the new things you can do with adventure monkeys around here.  With that, keep Tanjong Rhu in mind if you need space for energetic kids, in a safe environment, with not too many cars to contend with. We love it!

Tanjong Rhu RoadCheers