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I caught up with my friend Sandra yesterday and it reminded me she has a wonderful service this community could really value – not just for parents, but for kids and beloved family pets well. As the person behind Whattherapy.com – this site brings all of the alternative, complimentary and holistic practitioners in Singapore together in one place.

What Therapy SingaporeI appreciate not everyone is into alternative lifestyles, but for those who are, everyone is here, and if you are working in this field, it’s a great place to get yourself registered in the directory at a minimum.

Here’s a list of areas covered

The site also focuses on forthcoming events, and while this community should be pretty sorted on the making babies’ front, there is a “Making Babies seminar coming up on the 28th of September. Perhaps you can let any friends know who are struggling in this area? There are lots of other events and seminars, covering mindfulness, meditation, yoga, cleansing, life skills and a lot more. I know many of the people running these sessions and they are all wonderful.

What Therapy also has a Facebook page and I encourage you to support this wonderful community if it is something that appeals to you. I know Sandra is putting her heart and soul into this venture, so she’d really appreciate your support.

One final thing, if you are in the health and wellness field and need Web, social media or content support, this is Sandra’s specialization. She is an amazing person, so do connect with her if you’re struggling to get your brand heard.



PS: we never get paid for promoting anything on this site, and to date, have only ever mentioned things we believe this community would value. If we were ever paid or incentivised for anything, we’d definitely let you know!