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Marina Barrage

Please don’t drink the water Jax!

We bought the boys bikes for Christmas (well Santa obviously did) and I’m thrilled to see them loving it. I was always on my bike as a kid, so great to see them racing around. Scooters have ruled ‘til this point, which makes it even better, because we now have a form of transport where I can actually beat THEM for a change.

Anyways, today we headed out and did an adventure I wrote about a long time ago – Gardens by the Bay (East) to Marina Barrage and Back – stopping at Marina Barrage for a cool off and back home for sustenance. It was great.

However, before we headed back, I said to the boys, let’s keep riding into Gardens by the Bay because I want to show you the new children’s garden opening soon and it also has a water park. Incidentally, the Marina Barrage water park is about half its original size and I’m not sure if there are plans to close it, but I hope not. I’ve been taking the boys there since before they could walk.

Marina BarrageBack to the Gardens, riding from Marina Barrage, past Satay by the Bay and a couple of hundred meters further down, we came to the Children’s’ Garden and were thrilled to see it’s officially opening on the 21st January 2014. The only problem is both boys will be back at school by then, so we’ll have to wait until the weekend when I’m sure it’s going to be nuts.

Marina BarrageWill write about it obviously, but a new adventure option to keep in mind and I’m sure we’ll finish it off with a meal at Satay by the Bay http://www.sataybythebay.com.sg/ – we haven’t eaten there yet.

I was looking for some information on the Children’s Garden, but there was nothing on the official Website? Fortunately, I found this local blog which includes loads of great information, photos and news that entry is free.

Gardens by the Bay EastAlso if you haven’t done Gardens by the Bay (East) ride, walk, run or scoot to Marina Barrage and back, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s absolutely beautiful in the gardens, with a lot of the plants really growing in now, so you get to smell beautiful flowers, listen to birds, explore bugs, chase lizards, and when you get to the top, marvel at the ships, the fact you’re standing 30 meters above the new MCE, as well as the fact you can see another country from there. I’m Aussie and it always amazes me.

Gardens by the Bay EastIf you get to the Children’s Garden before we do, let us know what you think?