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Hello everyone and Gong Xi Fa Cai to those celebrating. We hope it’s a super special time for you and your families, and that the Year of the Horse is prosperous for all. I got caught up in the CNY celebrations with the boys yesterday, when hundreds of families converged on the brand new Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay and it’s good, very good. Singapore really does things well and we feel so fortunate having so many fabulous places to take the boys.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayChildren's Garden at Gardens by the BaySituated in between Satay by the Bay and the Flower Dome, it’s a hectare of fun for adventurous kids. We road our bikes from Tanjong Rhu Rd, through the Gardens by the Bay (East), over Marina Barrage, and then to the gardens. You could equally catch the SMRT to MBS and walk from there, or drive – although I’m not sure where parking is, but you could park at Marina Barrage as well. It’s not a long walk from there.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayThe boys headed straight to the water park. It’s actually a really simple design, but watching all the kids running around doing their own thing in the water, you really do appreciate how much imagination they have. There’s a smaller water park for the little ones and a big one for the older kids, although they were all mixing up together. Next to the waterpark is a great shaded pavilion – which was jam packed yesterday – but a great place for families to hang out in the shade.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay

From the waterpark, the boys discovered the slide and that was them entertained for a while. The slides are metal and a lot of kids struggled to get up any speed, but if you’ve got action kids, wet bathers on the slide equals fast! The staff – who were all delightful – didn’t stand a chance of catching them as they shot off the end. Young and old enjoyed the slides.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayFurther on from the slides is a climbing area that is a dream come true for my boys. It looked like lots of little monkeys climbing through the contraption, but it’s awesome for kids who really love to climb. There are also two more slides in this area, so they climbed, slid and climbed again. One word of warning: it’s impossible to keep an eye on your kids in this area, unless you’ve got one parent at the bottom and one on top. But another beautiful thing about living in Singapore is you know they’re safe.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay

We walked back past the slides and there’s loads of other sections – some for the little ones – as well as balancing beams, and great gross motor skill development opportunities. Some of the things you can do were well beyond me, but it was great to see kids from all nations giving it a go, as well as the parents.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayAll up, an excellent new playground for the kids in Singapore and even though it was packed yesterday, it didn’t take away at all from the experience. Staff are also stationed throughout the park, and they make sure everyone plays by the rules and plays safely, but equally, they all looked like they were having a great time. That’s always nice to see.

Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayOne thing I’d suggest is take sunblock. The main waterpark is completely in the sun in the afternoon and there was a lot of red skin on parade. The café serves up pretty decent food as well – so that’s an option – although with so many people opening and closing the fridge, the ice cream was soft and the drinks warm yesterday. It’ll calm down I’m sure.

Let us know what you think of the new Children’s Garden if you feel inclined?



Children's Garden at Gardens by the BayChildren's Garden at Gardens by the Bay