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We finally did it, we finally took the boys to Legoland Malaysia and it was terrific. We were both completely turned off by some of the earlier reports from friends – namely the intense heat and lack of shade, as well as the murderous lines everyone talked about – I hate lines. Well I’m happy to say that the December/January timeframe is definitely great from a temperature perspective, and by taking the boys after the Singapore schools went back, we didn’t have too many challenges on the lining up front.

Legoland MalaysiaLegoland MalaysiaWe drove to Legoland, but there are bus services operating from Singapore for those not able to drive. The car park is a massive, sprawling area in the sun all day, and while it’s a little confusing working out where to park and how to pay, we finally got there. With that said, the majority of people who drove that day just parked up on the roads before the car park. I suppose that’ll save you a few bucks.

Legoland MalaysiaRight from the word go, we didn’t face any grueling lines, except for the Nissan Driving School. We were rather pleased when they finally got through the doors so we could escape to a shaded seat. The boys loved driving the cars and it was educational as well, as they have a little training session before driving. I always find it amazing how quickly kids adapt and follow the rules – not a child went through a red light. Next was the Lego train. Lex has always loved trains, so he had to go on it and it was a lovely little experience.

Legoland MalaysiaThe attraction that really caught the boy’s imagination was the Lego miniature city. There was a train going from attraction to attraction, and loads of kids just spent their time running after it for close to an hour. Nice – perfect wearing kids out activity. I actually found the mini displays brilliant and it was great seeing the various Asian cities and themes represented – including a lot of historical attractions.

Legoland log ride two wet boysOne of the things I liked about Legoland is there is something in it for every age. A lot of the theme parks tend not to be small kid friendly, but there were great areas for the little ones to keep entertained. The big kids had great rides as well, with some impressive looking roller coasters, but more importantly, there were lots of options for the biggest kids of all. Steve and Lex went on the log flume ride and both came out very wet – not something our Lex finds particularly pleasant.

Legoland MalaysiaWe spent a good half day at the park and I’m pleased to say, we didn’t even get close to going on everything (probably more like 30%). This is good because we definitely need to go back again – the boys will nag us until we do. We also didn’t go to the waterpark next door and we didn’t stay at the hotel – which has now opened. With that said, I’m not looking forward to staying at the hotel (kid themed hotels are definitely not my thing), but one day we’ll have to and spend the weekend going to both Legoland and the waterpark, because the boys will certainly be happy.

Legoland MalaysiaOne thing that did surprise me is the food available in the park was pretty good – with some healthy options available. I wasn’t expecting this (thinking I’d need to pack our lunch) so I was rather pleased to see some fresh options available. It’s not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but it was good enough that we were all happy.

Legoland MalaysiaCost-wise, it’s about a SGD$200 exercise to get in for a family of four, plus what you spend inside of course – and the temptations were overflowing – so it’s not a cheap day out. With that said, I didn’t think it was terribly excessive for an International theme park. You can buy annual passes, (which are marketed as paying for itself if you go twice in a calendar year) and there are always deals going, so keep your eyes peeled. Definitely worth at least one visit for families.

So there you go, Legoland is a hit with the boys and a hit with us. We’ll definitely head back a couple more times.

Who’s been and what did you think?