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Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeI have not been a very good girl in my commitment to writing a blog a week – which I’m not happy about – but life, family and everything in between does get in the way. We’ve been doing lots of stuff and I’ve got a great backlog of ideas, but today is the day for a little blog on the exhibition in town for any dinosaur loving family – Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction at the ArtScience Museum until the end of July – a perfect option with the school holidays coming up.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeTaking place at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands – it’s easy for all of us to get to – and I must say I am always amazed at how big this exhibition space is. It’s also a great spot for doing many other things, including “ice” skating in MBS, lunch/dinner by the water, hanging out for the evening light show, or just going for a big long walk around the area – including to Gardens by the Bay and the new Children’s Garden.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum Singapore

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeAs any parent knows – especially those of us with boys – dinosaurs are a huge part of the early years. My boys could say compsognathus and diplodocus before they could say their own names! Not to mention, my education around dinosaurs has certainly been enhanced since becoming a mother. It’s a fascinating time in the world’s history for sure.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeFrom the get-go, it’s a wonderful exhibition, and you could easily spend a couple of hours wandering around – especially if your kids are at reading age. The entry to the exhibition was the only place that scared my loves, as it’s quite dark and the roars of the dinosaurs made for an eerie scene. I was a little worried we’d be facing this throughout, but thankfully it wasn’t the case.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeThroughout the exhibition there is a wonderful collection of full-size dinosaurs, skeletons and skulls, fossils (both real and reconstructed), lots of hands-on interactive opportunities (although touching things that shouldn’t be touched is quickly jumped on!) and I love the way light has been used to create mystery around these ancient creatures. There are videos featuring paleontologists and experts throughout the exhibition, lots to read and absorb, maps, dates and one of the highlights for me was the artwork of Australian artist Peter Trusler – who is famous for recreating prehistoric fauna.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeThey really have done a wonderful job putting this exhibition together, and the boys loved standing at the feet of the dinosaurs, really understanding – for the first time – how big these creatures were. The T-Rex was obviously a bit of a hit, but I also loved the underwater exhibition, the giant silver diplodocus and the room with the skulls of the triceratops, pentaceratops, and others in this family.

Ticket pricing for the exhibition is adults $21, seniors $20 and kids 2-12 at $13. But don’t forget to take your Singapore ID card for an extra couple of bucks off.

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeOne word of warning. As always, you cannot exit without going through the gift shop – normal these days – but this is one hell of a gift shop. They are selling magnificent toys, worth hundreds of dollars, and it’s a hard place to escape with just a trinket for the kids. If you’ve got a birthday coming up for a dinosaur-loving cherub, or you’re an early Christmas planner, definitely worth checking out. If you don’t like buying anything, better get ready to run.

So there you go, perfect if you want to be in doors to escape the haze, and I hope we’ll soon be needing to escape the rain. Have you ever seen Singapore so dry?

With all that said, you can learn more through this video

Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum SingaporeLet us know what you think if you’ve been/already gone?

From a very parched Singapore, cheers


Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction ArtScience Museum Singapore