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When Lex was 10 months old he started climbing. This new Mum was rather freaked out seeing such a mini-man with such HUGE aspirations, but as the determination could not be dulled, I decided to take a different approach – stand back and be in a position to catch him. Roll the clock forward more than six years, and our little man has the most incredible climbing skills, including phenomenal balance and great judgment. It was the right decision to let him express himself this way, but equally, it’s why we always live in a ground floor apartment…

The Rock SchoolThe Rock School SingaporeAs such, we’ve been meaning to get Lex into rock climbing for years. We’ve talked about it and talked about it and talked about it, so finally, we agreed to give it a crack. We did some research and found The Rock School at the Bedok Community Centre.

What caught our attention was “A, B,…C’s for Climbing.” This is a two-hour fun climb, which is basically an introduction to climbing with instructors, and overall, I think they did a pretty good job. It was a lot of fun, the kids certainly enjoyed it, and the parents are welcome to stay – although don’t forget to bring a book or a tablet. Two hours watching someone else have fun can get a bit long. You can find a detailed timetable here for the classes they run.

The Rock School SingaporeDetails:

  1. The introductory climb is $30/child for the two-hour session, which I thought was great value. However, you must pay in advance. I figure they’ve had a lot of no-shows along the way, because there is no compromise on this
  2. The Rock School is located in the Bedok Community Centre (850 New Upper Changi Road) and it’s not hard to find. There are public transport details on the Website for those without a car
  3. Dress seems to be something comfortable, including running shoes. If the kids get into it, I’m sure you’ll soon be forking out for a funky pair of climbing shoes. Do take water as well, they get hot

The Rock School SingaporeFocused on kids 4-14, The Rock School is the perfect venue to see if your kids have a passion for this great sport. Also if you’re keen, there’s a parent/child class you can do – but I don’t think I’ll be doing that – climbing was never my thing.

The Rock School SingaporeLex loved it, but it’s just that little bit too far if we go on a regular basis. I will get him enrolled in a weekly class, but it must be somewhere closer to where we live, because kids’ sport and hobbies need to be good for the whole family right? We can’t manage this one comfortably. A shame, because it’s a great little center for kids.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and if you can recommend anywhere else for great climbing, or had an experience at The Rock School, I’d love to hear it?