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Cavalia SingaporeWe took the boys to see Cavalia this weekend. We decided it was an absolute must for all of us and we weren’t disappointed. The boys were captivated, and so were we. It’s a magnificent show. In fact, there were times it was so amazing, I actually found myself getting quite emotional, and Steve admitted he did too. I’m not sure what that was all about, but all I can put it down to is experiencing pure magic.

The horses were magnificent of course and as we were only in the second row, we were close enough to have a great experience with them. But for me, it was the performers that were mind blowing. Every one of them has incredible skills, along with levels of fitness that blew me away. Is there anything better than seeing people who are at the peak of their talents? This goes for the musicians too – beautifully integrated and world-class talents.

Cavalia SingaporeI love being able to take the boys to these spectacles, because afterwards, I can tell them that performing in a show like this is a possibility in their future. I often watch TED talks or commencement speeches, and one of the key themes that always comes through is many of the speakers were raised by parents who didn’t see the future potential of their children. This is because that potential didn’t fit into current possibilities. Comedians are always a stand out in this area, as well as most people who became successful in creative fields.

Cavalia SingaporeThe truth is, we’re all raising children today towards a future that is almost impossible for us to see. I know the digital revolution will change the world in ways we can hardly imagine today and for our kids, they will be working in fields that do not exist right now. It’s exciting and reminds me to really stay open to possibilities.

Cavalia SingaporeCavalia was about that for me – inspiring the boys’ imaginations and showing them possibilities for their futures – maybe even opening a door to one of their talents. I am in awe of the creative minds behind the concept for this show. One day Normand Latourelle, one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil, thought it up, got it in motion, and today we have a little bit of magic in Singapore to enjoy. It’s stunning.

As a family experience, there are various levels of ticket pricing, starting at close to $60/ticket and going up to $200+/ticket. I appreciate that this can be exorbitant for many families, however when I think of the costs of putting a show like this on, well it’s definitely worth it. We bought Category Four Gold, and got the second row to the front to the furthest right of the stage. Getting front and center is definitely worthwhile, so if you can afford the Red Category Two near the front, go for it. The best bit about being closer to the front is you can see the performer’s facial expressions. Then again, the seating is wide, rather than deep, so I don’t believe there is a “bad” seat. Here’s the link to Sistic as well for tickets.

As you can probably tell. We absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. They’ve extended the show for a couple of weeks, so don’t miss out if it’s something you really want to do.



Cavalia Singapore