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It’s almost Christmas and the excitement is mounting in our house, my word! Same for you? We love having Christmas in Singapore, and we’re looking forward to lunch/dinner/champagne with some great friends after a few years celebrating at Singapore’s famous brunches.

Wings of Time Sentosa This time of year – especially for our fellow foreigners – brings the relatives to town, and I’m seeing more and more grandparents wandering around the city, sweating it up at the main tourist areas. Singapore is a great place to visit, no matter your age, but I wanted to tell you about our recent visit to the “Wings of Time” on Sentosa.

Wings of Time SentosaI can’t tell you how many times we’ve walked past this, but with some inspiration from our friends the Hewson’s, we decided it was time to go and see what it was all about. Booked into the 7.40pm show on a Saturday night (luckily no rain) I have to say it’s a pretty spectacular show, if a little corny too. The light and water show is very impressive and you get taken on a journey across time and our magnificent world, all with the sea as a majestic backdrop.

Wings of Time SentosaI wasn’t expecting to like it, to be honest, but I did, and the only disappointment is it was all over within about 30 minutes. However, with anything like this, I measure its success on the looks on my boy’s faces and they sat there with their mouths open for the whole show. That’s success for me.

Because it’s so quick, you wouldn’t head to Sentosa just for the show, but it’s a perfect walk to Coastes and all of the other restaurants on Siloso Beach – there’s definitely loads of new choices since I wrote my first blog for Singapore Kids 365. Another alternative is Trapizza (near Rasa Sentosa), which is only a short bus ride away, but on this night, we decided to meet up for dinner at the Hard Rock Café Sentosa. A good choice for kid meal options.

Wings of Time SentosaThe bonus of a trip to Resorts World Sentosa for my boys is Candylicious. I don’t know if you’ve ever braved this store with your kids, but if you have I’m sure you’ve observed most adults running around in circles, with panicked look on faces, as their kids disappear into a sea of sweet stuff, while being mindful of the fact their ankles can be taken out at a moment’s notice. Those mini-trolleys are dangerous under the management of little humans I tell you. So far, my ankles are unbruised. Steve hasn’t been so lucky.

Wings of Time SentosaI find Candylicious a fun place to let the kids go free. Mainly because there’s no way they’ll go anywhere else with all that choice around, but equally, can you remember anything like that when you were a kid? Darrell Lea in Australia comes closest in my memory, so for me it’s a pleasure to let them go, stand back and laugh – all the while making sure they’re not shoplifting any candy from the open buckets. We had a few thefts in the early visits, thankfully they seem to have learned that stealing is not OK!

Once you brave the sugar rush, it’s a quick tram trip to Siloso Beach stop, you jump off, and you’re straight into the show. It’s a great adventure for the family, with lots of different aspects in the mix, including the draping of a snake below (I think it cost me $5 for the privilege of taking the photo) and at the end, you should have some happy kids.

Wings of Time SentosaCost for “Wings of Time” is reasonable and more information for tickets is here. Normal tickets for locals cost $15, standard price is $18, and premium (which we bought) was $23. We didn’t get there early enough to get a good seat, but it doesn’t really matter, because once the show got started, everyone had a great view. There are two show times – 7.40pm and 8.40pm – and if it rains, I have no idea what happens.

Oh you also get an extra $3 voucher for something free or discounted. I didn’t quite work out what that was, so if you like a freebie, get clear on what you get for your money when you arrive. Another quick point, don’t duck out for water or the toilet during the show (which I did) because you’ll miss most of the action.

Wings of Time SentosaThere you go. Another experience on Sentosa to add to the list. Perhaps we’ll take the grandparents next time they come to visit. I know they’ll enjoy it.

Let me know what you’re up to with the grandparents over the Christmas break when you get a chance?

Finally, for those celebrating, Merry Christmas, and may 2015 be a year of peace and prosperity for all. Thank you for supporting Singapore Kids 365. We sure do appreciate it.