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I had absolutely no intention of taking the boys to Da Vinci: Shaping the Future. The thought of taking them to this exhibition left me cold, because I just couldn’t believe it had any chance of capturing their imaginations. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I took them down to MBS for the “ice skating” but we were moving too slowly, and by the time we got there, the cleaning crews were smoothing out the wax. They were bummed but asked me to go to the exhibition. They went to the dinosaur exhibition last time we were there, so had a great experience to draw on.

Da Vinci Shaping the Future I had no other options with two disappointed lads, so said alright then, off we go, and they LOVED it. I loved it too. Reading through everything Leonardo Da Vinci achieved in his life is incredibly inspiring, and you can’t help but walk out wanting to achieve more in your own life.

Da Vinci Shaping the FutureBut for the kids, every section had something for them to do. Magnets to create shapes, large computer screens to understand water ripples, blocks to build cities, puzzles to put together, guns to experiment with and a lot more. However the boys were also interested in some of the art. Interestingly both of them loved Mona Lisa – a picture they’d never seen before as far as I know. I asked them why they liked it – because it occurred to me that a perspective not linked to the fame of the picture would be interesting – and they quite simply thought she was pretty. No other details were forthcoming upon further digging.

Da Vinci Shaping the FutureThe “Last Supper” video room was dark and I found the story fascinating. But the boys weren’t enjoying this experience at all, instead playing under the seats and setting off their Ben 10 watches – awesome. As the other guests were getting extremely annoyed, I didn’t last long in there. I ducked into some local exhibitions while the boys were occupied building things, and this was definitely a good idea. Two of the exhibitions looked incredibly fragile (and beautiful) but definitely not something two little boys needed to see. Horrifying possibilities jumped out at me.

All in all, the exhibition was a really excellent experience for the boys and for me. I know that if someone explained science or maths to me that way when I was in school, I might have actually been a little bit interested. The exhibition is on until the 17th of May, so plenty of time to go and have a look if it’s on your agenda. Also remember your ID, as residents get a decent discount.

Da Vinci Shaping the FutureA final acknowledgement. The Singapore Arts Science Museum are doing a magnificent job and always, always have the entire family in mind when designing its exhibitions. Some exhibitions don’t work for my kids, but overall, I love having it as an option to educate and inspire my boys about possibilities for their futures. I really do think we’re lucky having such a world-class museum on our doorstep.

Finally, if you are looking for a great dinner option in the area, I can whole heartedly recommend Verve Pizza Bar @ MBS. We always park in the open air car park to give the boys a good run before doing anything else, and after Da Vinci, I decided it was time to check it out. Awesome pizzas, wonderful service, great outdoor setting by the water, lots of people watching opportunities, and when the kids are done, space for them to run around while you finish up and pay the bill. We’ll be heading back for sure.

Verve Pizza Bar Marina Bay SandsLet me know what you think of either when you get a chance? Or is there anything else going on you can recommend?