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If it’s been a while since you’ve ventured down to Suntec City – due to the construction that’s been going on for a long time – it might be worth putting it back on the agenda, especially on these rainy days we’re enduring. Suntec City is really coming back to life, but more importantly, kiddie entertainment seems a focus of the new Suntec.

Suntec City

Focusing on Tower Three for this blog, I’d recommend three activities to do with the kids, but of course, there are many other options if these don’t appeal. First is the brand new Golden Village Cinema. It’s huge, hi-tech and I’ve recently found when all other cinemas are sold out, it has tickets. It also runs the popular kids’ movies more regularly throughout the day, so you can show up, buy tickets, hang out and go to the movies as well.

Polliwogs, Suntec CityThe next thing is a brand new Polliwogs. While we’re getting closer and closer to the age where indoor playgrounds don’t hold as much interest, we’re not there yet. However, this Polliwogs is very popular, and when it gets full you have to put the kids on a waiting list. If you think you want to go there, either go early, or make sure you put your kids name in when you arrive so you can guarantee a place later on. Don’t forget to bring socks. We didn’t go in, but it’s a good size and appears the usual high standard Polliwogs is known for. The kids always love it.

Polliwogs Lazer FuryWhat we did do at Polliwogs however, is find an opportunity for the boys to go all Matrix at “Lazer Fury.” To the right at the entrance of Polliwogs (but not inside) is a tiny little lazer room and it costs a few bucks a go, so you can kick back, blow $20 in an instant, and the kids will have a blast. It was a good result following the disappointment of not getting into Polliwogs. Lazer Fury is also great for kids just that little bit older – especially those too cool for kids playrooms. Nothing lasts forever.

Suntec CityAnd finally, number three is the new Alive Museum Singapore. If you’ve been wondering what that is all about, wonder no more. I must admit I have pretty mixed feelings about this, but it did go down a treat with the boys. The concept is a maze of rooms with images – see the photos – and you pose in whatever way is appropriate for each. The essence of the experience is learning about perspective, 3D and using light and angles.

Alive Museum SingaporeHowever at $60 for three of us to go into rooms so we can take photos, well that isn’t going to be in everyone’s budget. Then again, it’s a great way for kids to explore their creative expression, so I liked that. It was also packed, but with adults more than kids. After an hour of being bashed and trod on, I found the aggressive tactics to get the photo spot was rather annoying, especially when kids were smacked out of the way for grown-ups to get in on the action. You’ve been warned.

Suntec CityI probably won’t take the boys back, but if you haven’t been, it’s worth a look and I definitely think it would be an awesome place for the grandparents to take the kids on their next visit. As you’ll see in some of the photos, the output is worth it and I’ll definitely have Facebook banner photos for a long time to come. Maybe it was worth it?

Suntec CitySo there you go, a few things you can do in Suntec City, Tower 3, but there’s a lot more going on at Suntec. Check it out if you want to escape the rain or the sun. Here’s a store directory guide to Tower Three for ease.



Suntec City

Suntec CitySuntec City Suntec City