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There are two exhibitions on at the ArtScience Museum right now, and both perfect for your little loves. If you haven’t heard, the exhibitions are: ‘The Deep, illuminating the mysteries of the deep sea;’ and ‘Dreamworks Animation The Exhibition, journey from sketch to screen.’ Both are fabulous, interactive and your kids will love them. In fact, I reckon you will too.

ArtScience Museum Singapore Spider crab Take a picture of me mum Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising) it was The Deep that really captured my boys’ imagination – Lex, in particular, loves his sea creatures. It’s a fabulously well done exhibition, and every room features animals and organisms from the deep deep ocean. The way it’s been displayed has never been done before, and many of the creatures featured have never been seen by the general public before either. So it’s very cool and I must say, there’s some pretty freaky looking sea creatures in the mix.

ArtScience Museum SingaporeThe first room – Hidden/Depths, by Australian Artist, Lynette Wallworth – is truly remarkable. A room of clear tubes with creatures suspended, apparently floating. A wonderful start to your experience. Overall, not only does the exhibition look great, but there’s loads of educational content too. It really is shocking what we are doing to our oceans. You will be touched.

All up, we all loved The Deep, but make sure you’re with your kids when they enter through the curtain – it’s really dark in there and hard to keep track of them.

After that, it was straight across to ‘Dreamworks Animation The Exhibition’ and the boys were happy because they got to play with computer animation. This left me time to wander around and look at the amazing cartoon sketches – there’s some talented people out there. The exhibition features fantastic use of technology integrated into how it’s displayed, and don’t miss the other rooms – I thought it was just the first section.

ArtScience Museum Singapore ArtScience Museum SingaporeOne feature we all loved was The Dragon Ride. Usually if there’s a line, I’m not the kind to hang around and wait, but decided it was worthwhile, because, hey, I love dragons. What you’re waiting for is a mini-theatre and you cuddle up on bean bags with a 180 degree screen in front, “riding” on Hiccup flying over Berk. Very cool. At the end of the exhibition, there’s a room of screens, where you can draw and animate your own creations. The boys finally got a go, but the challenge we were up against is adults dominating all the interactive stuff, so the boys had to be patient to get their chance. Not always easy with kids right?

We are doneWe went on the weekend and it was very VERY busy, so lots of pushing and shoving. But the ArtScience Museum at MBS is truly excellent for the whole family. There are so many exhibitions I can’t take them too at the various museums and art centres around Singapore, but this one nails it every time. There is always a place for them to create, always videos and mini-movies to watch, and it’s always designed with them in mind, and that means I can kick back and enjoy it too.

Let me know if you like/d it as much as me? Perfect for a hot or rainy day for sure.