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One of my colleagues mentioned that Singapore had a brand new Natural History Museum. Really? Cool! My boys will love that. I hadn’t heard anything about it, so onto the trusty internet I went and found the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which is located at the National University of Singapore.

Natural History Museum SingaporeOpen since July 2015, it is well worth a visit and perfect if we’re facing another shocking haze day! Please be over soon. The exhibition is not large, but it is incredibly well organized and the building is stunning. A lot of the media attention has focused on its architectural beauty – which is quite right. It’s also great to know that a local Singaporean – Mok Wei Wei – designed this gorgeous green building.

Natural History Museum SingaporeFeaturing more than one million specimens, I really appreciated the focus on this region, as well as learning how many creatures Singapore has – including a species of Tarantula and Scorpions. May my experience of these little nasties only ever happen in a museum! But of course, the centrepiece is three Diplodocus – a favorite dinosaur in this house – and throughout your visit, you’ll get to see a light show with the dinosaur skeletons.

Natural History Museum SingaporeA perfect educational day out, you could spend a lot of time reading or watching the videos, or appreciating the sheer diversity of every species on display. The boys are still of the age where running to and fro is of more interest, so we were a bit all over the place.

I liked the section upstairs where they showed some very old specimens that have been at NUS for many years. Apparently a lot has been lost, so you get a sense of how important this science has been for a long time.

Natural History Museum SingaporeThere’s also an interesting exhibition into Singapore’s land reclamation program and you can see how much land has been added to the Red Dot over the years. Amazing. Equally, this display discussed Singapore’s greater emphasis on the environment today, with the focus on recreating natural habitats that have been lost.

Natural History Museum SingaporeThe Museum is at 2 Conservatory Drive, and it’s open Tuesday to Sunday. It’s only open on Mondays if it’s a public holiday. Opening times are 10am to 7pm and you book for one and a half hour slots. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be enough time for us, but it was plenty and the boys were ready to leave when our time was up.

YNatural History Museum Singaporeou are encouraged to buy tickets in advance through SISTIC and we decided to do that, because we had no idea how busy it would be. It also helped us plan the day knowing we had a time commitment in the mix.

At time of writing, the times you can book are:

  • 10am
  • 11.30am
  • 1.00pm
  • 2.30pm
  • 4.00pm
  • 5.30pm

Natural History Museum Singapore


  • $16 citizen/PR, $21 adult tourist
  • Kids $9 citizen/PR or $13 visiting kids
  • There are also senior citizen, disability tickets, etc…

All up we were all really impressed and enjoyed the Museum. It’s not massive like you’d find in London or the US, but if your kids are into creatures of any description, I am pretty sure they are going to love it. I’m know it will be a regular for us over the years. Definitely beautifully put together.

Let us know what you think when you go?