Singaporekids365.comWe decided to challenge ourselves to come up with 365 adventures in Singapore for kids under 10 back in 2012 – planning to come up with something for every day of the year. A couple of years in, we’re pretty certain 365 might be too ambitious, however we are committed to doing our best to keep trying, no matter what.

When starting this blog, we were inspired by two things:

  1. We have two incredibly active boys, who are ALWAYS on the go, and we want to enjoy spending time with them. This means we are required to mix things up to ensure boredom doesn’t set in
  2. Additionally, we have heard so many parents say there’s not enough to do in Singapore and everything involving kids is so expensive. While we appreciate that Singapore can be an expensive entertainment venue for kids, it doesn’t have to be. This is a primary reason for us writing this – to share our knowledge with other parents in the same situation, and hopefully, other like-minded parents will get on board and share their experiences as well

In our blogs, we’re looking to come up with complete adventures that fill a couple of hours, a half day or a full day. Some will be good weather activities, others for those steamy days when you have to escape indoors or alternatively, when the monsoonal downpours hit. Some will suit either scenario. We are hoping there is something in here for everyone, but be warned, sometimes the kids are going to get dirty – because we believe kids should get dirty.

Since our boys were born, we’ve never been able to stay at home with them. It’s not who they are and the house gets ripped apart when we do. Also if we do the same thing too often, they get bored and start looking for trouble. As such, finding new places is always a priority. We also think it’s healthy for our kids.

One thing we know for sure – whether you live here or are enjoying a holiday in the Lion City, Singapore is a brilliant place for families with young children. There are things to do all over the island, so much so, it’s hard to run out of adventure options. We’ve been everywhere, and there’s still so much to do, and we’re constantly seeking new adventures for two very curious and easily bored children. We are also parents who like to get out and about with our boys, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of Singapore.

We’re planning on including very traditional things, like the myriad playgrounds around the island, indoor playrooms, and famous areas like East Coast Park or Sentosa, but we’ll also include some other interesting things you may never have thought about.

The best bit – it’s not going to cost you a fortune. Some of this stuff is free, some inexpensive, and of course, there are the big major attractions in the mix that are expensive. We are out with our boys usually every day, but at a minimum 5-6 times a week, so having to spend $50+ every time we go out just isn’t feasible.

As we write about stuff, we’ll provide a “health” update on the standard of play equipment, but always keep in mind that this is Singapore and things wear out fast due to the high humidity, so apologies if we wax lyrical about something and you turn up to find a rusted wreck – although being super-efficient Singapore, guaranteed this won’t be the case for long. The other thing that happens is upgrades. As such, you might turn up somewhere and the whole park is a construction zone. To avoid this, just check online regularly. The Singapore Government is fantastic at keeping its public projects up to date, and pretty much everything you do in Singapore is online somewhere. We’ll provide as many links as we can along the way.

We hope you enjoy and that you get lots of good information out of it. If you’ve got any other great ideas on adventures for little tykes, let us know? We also welcome guest bloggers or if you’re too shy to write, make the suggestion and we’ll go check it out. Also if you know of any kid festivals around town that deserve a look in, please let us know? We’re hoping to build this into an awesome community between like-minded parents.

Happy adventures with your kids and we hope you enjoy referencing this blog as much as we’re going to enjoy putting it together. Everything we’ve written about we’ve done, so when we make a recommendation, we’ve really lived it.


Steve, Andrea, Lex, & Jax

PS: please forgive the quality of the photos – most will be taken on mobile phones as that’s the most convenient way to capture memories when you’re on the move with kids! As such, the quality won’t be awesome, but we’ll do our best.

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  1. I am impressed with this website , very I am a fan .

  2. What a great blog! Very informative! We have kids aged 4 and 2 and we are also always on the lookout for interesting places and activities to enjoy with them in Singapore. You can have a look at our blog here

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