Steve & Andrea

Steve is English and he’s been living in Singapore since 2001. Andrea is an Aussie and she’s been living here since 2003. We actually met in Singapore in 2003, experienced a whirlwind romance, got married in Thailand in 2005, and then two rambunctious boys entered our lives – Lex in November 2006 and Jax in February 2008. To say our lives have changed is an understatement. Very early on our boys got mobile (three months), which meant we were never the parents who could sit in a coffee shop, hanging out, chatting with friends while our babies happily sat in their prams. We didn’t know the first three months would be the only peace we’d ever get…

As you do when a parent, you adapt and change, parenting your children how they need parenting, and in our case, it was ACTION and lots of it. By 10 months, Lex started climbing. He is still climbing, and his hair-raising antics create panic in strangers as they run across parks to save him (even when we’re RIGHT there J), and then more recently, he’s been getting rounds of applause. Lex is definitely a monkey and we’re trying to support that need in him. Jax took longer to take climbing risks, and he’s definitely more cautious (thank God one is), but he’s no less active, so it’s all go when we’re out and about with our lads. It’s hardly surprising that one of us is going white… guess which one?

We like blogging – well Andrea does more than Steve, but he’s getting there. This is our third blog – can you believe that? – and we also have a professional blog, and Andrea has a personal blog discussing all sorts of stuff mainly focused on women’s issues.

With we figured we’re out everyday doing this stuff, learning a lot while we’re at it, so we may as well share our experiences, and perhaps it will build into an active parenting community to boot? That would be lovely.

Who knows how this will evolve, but we look forward to your feedback and support in building a community for active parents and kids in Singapore. We have plans to build this content into a book, as well as a few other ideas… we’ll keep you posted.

You can sign up on the blog to get them directly in your email, follow us on Twitter @Singkids365, or email us andrea at sajeideas dot com and steve at sajeideas dot com.


Steve & Andrea

4 thoughts on “Steve & Andrea”

  1. Having two active little boys myself (3 and 5), I really enjoy your blog. Good inspiration for new activities. Thanks!

  2. Geraldine Poh said:

    Hi Andrea , this is Geraldine , we met last night at Hard Rock Hotel and thanks for the nice short catch up !Will be enjoying your blog from now on !

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